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Apple Pay Casinos

For online casino players, choosing the right payment method is very important. This helps us get the honesty and proper service we deserve as customers since we gamble with real money in casinos. That´s wher Apple Pay casinos step up. Thus, one of the first things that we check in online casinos is the payment method to ensure our smooth deposits and withdrawals.

Of course, one of the most popular payment methods nowadays is Apple Pay. Apple Pay is one of the most efficient modern payment methods that customers enjoy using to accomplish cashless payments. So, read on to learn more about this innovative solution and how it is used in casinos.

All Apple Pay casinos

These casinos accept Apple Pay as a payment method in the UK:

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What is Apple Pay?

For those who are new to online payment transactions, this is always one of the first questions to be asked. So, we decided to come up with concise information to help others be aware of how handy is Apple Pay.

Apple Pay as a payment method is an easy and secure option that can help customers make payments through iOS apps. Not only that, Apple Pay can be used in other search engines and devices such as watchOS apps and Safari websites. Through continuous research and improvement of technology, Apple Pay is now available in Business Chats and iMessage extensions for additional convenience.

If you use Face ID, Touch ID, double click the Apple Watch, you can easily make payments. At the same time, you can instantly provide your shipping and contact information. As simple as that, paying for the items you bought online and sending money to others can be done easily.

How Apple Pay entered online casinos?

Apple Pay is used to replace cash and physical cards to provide a safer and more secure private payment. Regardless of your location, sending money to make deposits and withdrawing your payouts in real cash can be done anytime. Since we love simplicity and hassle-free transactions, casino operators also included Apple Pay as one of their payment methods online.

Thus, Apple Pay continues to become popular among players who seek not only convenience but also speedy and secure transactions. As long as you have an Apple device then using this payment method in UK casinos that accept is possible.

How Do Apple Pay casinos work?

As mentioned above Apple Pay can be used in different devices that have an Apple Pay app. Its featured encryption and offered security earned the trust of many casino customers who want to enjoy gambling online. What’s more, all Apple Pay payments are processed by casinos the same way other e-wallet payments are processed.

Thus, this payment method became widely known for its provided fast services and convenience without any fee. After all, many players in online casinos are also Apple users. To ensure the satisfaction of customers and offer more flexible payment options, casino operators also started accepting payments through Apple Pay. In fact, more casinos in the UK are now using Apple Pay.

Each transaction through this payment option allows Apple Pay to generate a new security code. This means that no one, not even the Apple company or any merchant you transact with can access your account information. All your private financial information will remain private from the online casinos you transact with.

You don’t even have to worry about anyone discovering any of your card information and taking advantage of your money. This security feature of Apple Pay made it ideal for Apple users, especially for those who are quite picky. In any case that you lost your device, Apple Pay can also help you sleep better by ensuring your account’s security. With one click, you can remotely lock your device using a passcode by marking it as a lost device.

This will automatically disable your Apple Pay account on your lost device to keep all your information secure. Once you got a new Apple device, you can log in to your Apple Pay account again and continue using it.

How to add funds in Apple Pay?

Since Apple Pay is also an e-wallet such as Skrill, you can add funds to it the way you add funds to other e-wallets. Whenever you want to deposit and make a bet on any casino, you will not have trouble navigating through the app. Just go to the settings on your device, select wallet, then select the Apple Pay app.

Once you select Apple Pay, you have to select the Add Card button and provide your preferred card information. Once you provided all the information on the credit card you preferred, this will be linked to your Apple Pay account. This way, depositing funds to your Apple Pay can be done smoothly online. After linking, you can accomplish transactions with UK online casinos through this payment method.

How to deposit in Apple Pay casinos?

Whenever you want to make a deposit using Apple Pay, all you have to do is tap your phone or other Apple device. Make sure that you have an Apple device so you can use Apple Pay. Make sure that you also log in to your account on your Apple device. You will be directed to the Apple Pay application on your device once you select it as your casino payment method.

Then, you will be required to verify your identity by using either your password or your fingerprint with your touch ID. Once you are done with this, your payment will be processed and sent to the casino in an instant. As simple as that, you can start playing now the casino games you want with real money.

Take note, you don’t have to use any paper cash or card in this. You can even select Apply Pay as your default payment method in the casino/s you want.


  • Free of service charges
  • Faster and easier deposits than using physical cards or cash
  • Accepted at different countries across the world
  • Safer than touching buttons and exchanging cash
  • Privacy and security are guaranteed
  • Ready and set to be used in just a few clicks
  • Easy to use when buying goods and services, subscribing, or loading your app


  • Not all online casinos accept Apple Pay
  • Available to Apple users only
  • Withdrawals from Apple Pay cash are not available


Apple Pay is a smart payment option that will allow you to tap more and touch less. You can use it hassle-free right from your Apple device to skip going through lots of buttons and terminals. Forget about shuffling through your cards and cash, you can keep your hands clean using Apple Pay.

All your information will remain private with Apply Pay Casinos whenever you make payments. You might even benefit from increased conversion rates that can extend your playtime.

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