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Best Bitcoin casinos 2023

Bitcoin is a digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi in 2009. Digital currency is a currency that is exclusively used in electronic or digital form only. In other words, you can only use a digital currency like this in online transactions and in casinos. It does not have a physical form like cash or credit/debit cards. A digital currency is also referred to as crypto currency, digital money, or a cyber-cash.

Bitcoin casinos in the UK in 2023

Here is the list of all the casinos in the UK, where you can play with Bitcoins in 2023. The list is very short now, but we´ll update it if a casino adapts the payment method.

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Benefits of using Bitcoin in an online casino

Best Bitcoin Casinos UK

Aside from being a digital currency that offers a modern payment solution, Bitcoin also offers lower transaction fees. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin is not owned by anyone let alone the government. However, Bitcoin can be controlled by all Bitcoin users worldwide. All Bitcoin balance is kept as digital money on a public ledger called blockchain. At the same time, all transactions using Bitcoin is recorded on the blockchain that is connected to all Bitcoin users’ e-wallet.

Since Bitcoin started to arrive on the market, it continued to spread globally while increasing its value. But despite Bitcoin’s infancy, it didn’t stop casino operators from including it as one of their payment methods. As a way to attract more players, casino operators use Bitcoin to offer a faster way to make deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, transactions using Bitcoin is way cheaper than using other payment methods like credit cards that may charge 3 to 5% commission to the total amount per transaction.

Should you play with Bitcoins at a casino?

In spite of Bitcoin’s popularity worldwide, there is no official statement yet from the Bank of England that states its legality. Furthermore, the UK Government already released an official statement that considers Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as unregulated in the UK. So, does this is mean that you are not allowed to use Bitcoin to play at an online casino? Well, there are some online casinos that accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment instead of cash, credit card, debit card, or other Cryptocurrencies.

Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

However, it does not mean that these casinos and players are using Bitcoin illegally. According to the UK Gambling Commission or UKGC, all digital currencies just like Bitcoin are now considered as accepted payment in gambling. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin is now added to their list of acceptable payment methods that are available to licensed UKGC casinos. In addition, the UKGC released a series of consultations with their licensees and stakeholders in the industry. This is then followed by an updated LCCP or License Conditions and Codes of Practice.

So yes, it is safe to say that you can play with Bitcoin at a casino in the UK.

Best Bitcoin casinos that are not yet available on gamblingbulldog.com

Now, the UK Gambling Commission has accepted Bitcoin as a payment method for their licensed casinos. Thus, you can finally take advantage of this opportunity to maximize the benefits of Bitcoin that continuously make noise worldwide. At the same time, you can relax and guarantee that casinos will protect and keep you safe against illegal acts. With stricter rules and updated payment methods, these are the best Bitcoin casinos that you can check out:

NetBet Casino

Does NetBet’s name sound familiar to you? If yes, then it is probably because it came from iSoftBet. iSoftbet is one of the premium online and mobile casino software providers so it’s no surprise if you encountered it before. NetBet Casino continues to flourish in the online gambling industry as one of the best casinos based on Malta. Coming from a well-known company, NetBet Casino is the first online casino licensed in the UK to accept Bitcoin. This is due to the strong relationship of NETELLER to Bitcoin which allowed this Cryptocurrency to be accessed.

However, NetBet Casino only accepts Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency for making deposits. All transactions using Bitcoin by NETELLER are also free of charge and instant. You can make a minimum deposit of £10 and a maximum deposit of £5,000 at NetBet Casino. NetBet Casino is one of iSoftBet’s casinos so you can guarantee a safe and fun gaming experience in this casino. In fact, NetBet Casino is licensed and regulated by the trusted UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) under license number 039170.

NetBet is also a bookie.

Slots Heaven Casino

Is it your first time to encounter Slots Heaven Casino? If yes, then we are glad you that you were able to reach this part of this post. Slots Heaven may not be that famous since it needs more marketing but it doesn’t mean it should be ignored. In fact, Slots Heaven Casino is just one of the few online casinos where you can play using the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. Let’s accept it, not all online casinos are still under the process of scrutinizing the use of Cryptocurrencies. Thus, the online casinos that accept Bitcoin are still limited especially those that are licensed by the UKGC.

Slots Heaven Casino is licensed by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority under the license number RGL No. 053 and is regulated by the trusted Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. The casino is also operated with a license from the UK Gambling Commission Remote Operating License number 000-039448-R-319446. The minimum deposit you can make using Bitcoin is £15 and the maximum is £500.

Mansion Casino

Are you looking for a casino that screams wealth? Then, this might be the online casino you are looking for. Mansion Casino is one of the leading casinos that dominate the online gambling industry in the UK. Offering huge bonuses from the first deposit you make, Mansion Casino really knows how to compete in the game. Aside from the fun and exciting games, Mansion Casino offers a rewarding card that every casino player should not miss. The casino also offers a VIP Program that any loyal players must try to enjoy more perks.

As expected from a reliable online casino, players can trust Mansion Casino’s secure gaming environment. In addition, Mansion Casino is licensed by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority under RGL No. 053 and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. The casino is also operated by Mansion Europe Holdings Ltd. that is licensed under the UK Gambling Commission Remote Operating License number 000-039448-R-319446. The minimum deposit you can make using Bitcoin at Mansion Casino is £15 and the maximum is £500.

Terms and conditions apply. 18+

Is Bitcoin a safe payment method?

Clearly, more and more are taking advantage of the benefits that Bitcoin can give. But albeit some casinos accept and payout winnings in Bitcoin, the issue of whether it is legal or not still remains. Thus, there is still some unfinished debate regarding the legalities of Bitcoin’s use in transactions. Bitcoin is a decentralized Cryptocurrency so it does not exist outside the World Wide Web like our physical cash. It is not regulated by a central bank too but every Bitcoin user in the world can control it.

Is Bitcoin A Safe Payment Method

Using Bitcoin addresses, functions as a direct peer-to-peer transaction. Each Bitcoin addresses consist that connects e-wallets and blockchain consist of 27 to 34 characters (numbers and letters). Each Bitcoin user holds a unique Bitcoin address that they have complete control in every transaction. This means that no online casino or merchant can force any unknown or unwanted payment from a Bitcoin user. Any casino player can also use Bitcoin as a payment method without revealing his or her personal identification.

Unlike other payment methods, Bitcoin users don’t have to divulge their personal identity to make deposits and withdrawals. This, of course, reduces the risk of being tracked on point. This layer of protection makes Bitcoin a safe payment method. Most importantly, Bitcoin users can backup and encrypt their Bitcoin balance to avoid being victims by unnoticed charges. Thus even smart hackers will really have a hard time breaking through a Bitcoin wallet with this additional security.

However, buying Bitcoin just to have a Cryptocurrency for gambling is a risky move due to its volatile exchange rates.

Is it anonymous to play with Bitcoins?

If there is one common misconception about Bitcoin, it is the anonymity of its users. Most people say that Bitcoin is an anonymous digital currency when in fact it is not. Players may appear “anonymous” when they make deposits and receive their winning payouts in Bitcoin without giving their personal identification. But, it doesn’t mean that they are not traceable at all from the eyes of computer geeks.

As a matter of fact, achieving complete anonymity when using Bitcoin is still impossible even at this time. On the other hand, Bitcoin users can become pseudonymous which all Bitcoin veterans should already know by now. By being pseudonymous, Bitcoin users’ identity can be covered up a little instead of exposing their complete name, contact number, email, and address. For instance, a Bitcoin user can make deposits and claim his or her winnings under an alias or pseudonym.

When it comes to Bitcoin, every user’s pseudonym is his or her address wherein they receive Bitcoins. Every transaction using Bitcoin is then saved to the blockchain which can be accessed by the public. In this case, a Bitcoin user’s identity can be traced faster if he or she links the Bitcoin address to his or her personal account. This is why Bitcoin users are advised to use a new address for every transaction to prevent it from being linked to them. According to the Satoshi whitepaper, this will be like writing various books with different pseudonyms under the same author.

However, it is not guaranteed that in every casino you can play anonymously, even partially. UK casinos might still ask you to identify yourself as a normal part of the procedure. This is due to the regulations against money laundering.

FAQ about Bitcoin casinos

Are Bitcoin casinos safe?

Yes, Bitcoin casinos can be safe too. Remember to read the whole review about its licenses and safety.

Who can play at Bitcoin casinos?

Anyone who is over 18 years old.

Do I need to have Bitcoins before I can play?

Yes you do. You need to have a Bitcoin wallet before you can play in Bitcoin casinos.

Final words

Surely, using Bitcoin is really tempting. You can skip the time-consuming forms and other requirements that require you to drop your personal information. Save time on waiting for you to receive your winning payouts. Using Bitcoin is safe but you still can’t achieve 100% anonymity online.

So aside from doing extra precaution such as saving backups and encryption of your Bitcoin account for protection, stay alert. Most importantly, remember to be a responsible gambler whether you use Bitcoin or not.

However, if Bitcoin is not your thing, perhaps Euteller, Brite, Zimpler, Trustly or Skrill could be?