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Online Casino Blacklist

So, first of all, we want to point out, that in any circumstances we cannot recommend playing on any of these casinos that have made their way to this Blacklist.

What is the casino Blacklist?

It is a list of casinos that have not managed to keep up with the simple quality standards that any quality online casino should offer these days. By quality standards, in this case, we mean the quality of customer service, payments and any other matter which includes the satisfaction of their customers and the casino has provenly ignored taking care of their customers´ issues.

How did these casinos end up to our Blacklist?

All the online casinos on the list have provenly ignored or not managed to solve their customers´ issues either on our forum´s complain section or anywhere else. Notice, that not only one ignorance is enough for the casino the end up on the Blacklist but the casinos have failed to solve several issues of their customers. If you want to know the specific reason why the casino is on the list, please read the review.

Why do we keep such a list?

We believe that is our duty to inform all the players of any casinos that might be harmful to them or ruin their casino experience.

For casino representatives

If you find your casino here and you are not sure, why the casino is on the list, please find the details on the review. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

For players 

If you are are having an unsolved issue with any casino, whether it is on the list or not, please visit our help and complaint section.