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Cash-O-Matic review

In this article, Cash-O-Matic slot by NetEnt is under our review. We can’t guarantee that money will automatically flood your slot’s plate but winning here is not impossible. This slot game consists 5 reels and 4 rows. But what really made our heads turn on this game is its number of ways to win.

Cash-O-Matic Slot Review

Surely, not every player in the world can take home the jackpot prize. However, each player has a chance to win even in smaller amounts. In this case, Cash-O-Matic offers over 1,000 ways for players to win which is not bad. Available on all NetEnt partner casinos, you can play this slot online on various devices. So, don’t miss your chances of winning by firing up your search engine now via desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

Slot design

Compared with other slot games where the designs seem more animated and sometimes include fantasy, Cash-O-Matic Slot is a classic. Its overall design and theme show the rich influence of classic slot machines where we used to play. However, don’t expect to see a carbon copy because you will only be disappointed. If you want a modern slot that has a classic design with a twist, Cash-O-Matic can give you that. In fact, this is one of the reasons why it flicked our interest.


When software providers try their best to be as innovative as possible, some end up with really odd. In the case of Cash-O-Matic, you might be confused at first with its looks but don’t let that stop you. Its algebra may seem intimidating at first look but there is a charm in second or even third look. Its design may not be one of the best that you will ever see compared with other slots from NetEnt. Cash-O-Matic doesn’t have any fascinating character or symbol to watch out on your reels.

All you will see on the reels are numbers, letters, and geometrical shapes. However, it is worth a shot with its lucrative pay lines. So, read on to learn about this slot’s features.

Slot features

Cash-O-Matic is a video slot with 5-reel and 4-row slot. It has 1,024 fixed bet ways and a touch of old slots machine design that features gold and brass style. Of course, it also features the usual glitz and sparks on slot machines. But if you don’t find that impressive enough, checking out its other game features might help.


When it comes to slots, there will always be low and high-value symbols.

  • Low Value:
  • A
  • K
  • Q
  • J
  • 10
  • High Value:
  • Purple Gemstones
  • Blue Gemstones
  • Green Gemstones
  • Yellow Gemstones
  • Red Gemstones

Among these high value or royal, the red one gives out the biggest prize which is 1x your total stake. Don’t worry; you don’t need to keep track of its pay lines since all its matching symbols will be automatically counted.

Reverse Avalanche

Unlike the usual slots, the reels on Cash-O-Matic’s don’t spin. Clearly, this is not the classic slots operate but it is NetEnt’s way of showing innovation. Instead, the slot has the Avalanche feature where symbols fall on each grid or reel. Technically, an Avalanche feature will automatically remove or crash the winning symbols that match on the grid. This will trigger another Avalanche feature to fall.

But since Cash-O-Matic has a Reverse Avalanche version, the winning combinations will remain and fall on the bottom part. Then, the remaining symbols will be the ones to disappear from the reels which explain the feature’s “Reverse” term. The cycle of this feature will continue as long as there are winning symbols that remain on the reels. Now, this is the kind of feature that we can call innovative and cool enough to spark interests among players.

Level Multiplier

Another feature that Cash-O-Matic has is Level Multiplier. This feature is automatically activated whenever a single row is filled with winning symbols. So basically, the more rows you fill with matching symbols, the more you will get. Depending on the number of rows you fill, you can get x1, x2, x4, or x10 level multipliers. You can activate this feature during the main game and the Free Spins mode. Thus, the odds of winning huge cash are actually bigger in this slot.

During the main game, you can activate this multiplier if you fill at least a row of the winning symbols. Once you’ve successfully activated it, it will increase your winning prize. During the Free Spins mode, you can activate the level multiplier if Scatter Symbols land on the reels. But wait, the mechanics of this mode is quite different here. The level that appears on the multiplier refers to the range of possible multiplier values.

The value is determined by how Scatter Symbols landed on your reels. Overall, the value that you can get during the Free Spins mode range between x2 and x50.

Free spins

As long as there are 10 or more Scatter Symbols that land on your reels, you can activate the Free Spins mode. The number of Free Spins is equivalent to the number of Scatter Symbols that landed on your reels:

  • 10 to 14 Scatter Symbols = 4 multiplier levels starting from x2, x4, x8 to x20
  • 15 to 19 Scatter Symbols = 4 multiplier levels starting from x3, x6, x12 to x30
  • More than 20 Scatter Symbols = 4 multiplier levels starting from x5, x10, x20 to x50

For every full row that you fill with winning symbols, you can also reactivate this feature and get a Free Spin.

Bettings and prizes

Cash-O-Matic Slot has a 96.33% RTP so your chances of winning a huge prize are good. This 5 x 4 slot accepts a minimum of £0.20 and a maximum of £400 bet for every spin. You can also choose the coin value as well as the level of bet that you prefer. In case you’re wondering, this refers to the number of coins you want to bet per line. If it has 20 lines, it is up to you to decide how many bets you want to put on each.

The slot has 1,024 fixed bet lines but its game mechanics is actually simple. There are 10 different bet levels (1 to 10) which determine how much coins you should place. You can choose from these 6 different coin values that can change the value of coins on the betting lines:

  • 0.01
  • 0.02
  • 0.05
  • 0.1
  • 0.2
  • 0.5

Overall, this leads to a minimum of £0.2 and a maximum of £100. For the jackpot prize, you can get as high as x50, 000 your total stake.


As expected from a software provider like NetEnt, Cash-O-Matic is a fine slot that is worth a try. It may not be the best looking slot machine out there but it has innovative features and winnings. Therefore, you will not only experience something new but also increase your prize. So, keep an eye on its Reverse Avalanche, Level Multiplier, and Free Spins!