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This is a question that many people ask from themselves before playing for the first time in an online casino. For some reason the whole industry has very shady reputation. Is it true? Are online casinos reliable?

“They will steal your money”, someone will say. That one is an interesting statement. After all, is losing money same as stealing?

The first thing every player has to accept before making a deposit is that there is a good chance that all that money is lost. There is also a good chance that the player wins something. That cannot be predicted in advance and there is nothing you can do to raise your chances. If you decide to blow a candle while standing on your head, you can do that but most likely you only get some neck pain.

One main reason why people think that casinos are stealing is bonuses. For many players, the terms may come as a surprise. Thing is, these terms are actually very strict.

Why do players think casinos are unreliable?

Nearly every bonus has the following terms:

  • You are only allowed to play certain games with the bonus
  • Wagering requirements

Now this is where the confusing situations usually happen. Player might have not been aware of the wagering requirements and tries to withdraw the winnings – which leads into losing the whole amount of money.

A player might be playing a game, which is not included in the bonus, and therefore it does not count towards the wagering requirements. Unfortunately some casinos do not tell the players that they are playing a game which is not included.

Then there´s the maximum bet you have to look at. Usually, the maximum bet is up to £5. This, however, is not always stated clearly and some players might end up betting £20. That only leads to higher wagering requirements and a chance of making a withdraw sales further away.

The most annoying thing from my point of view is caps in winnings. I can understand if a brand puts a cap for winnings made with extra spins. After all, those were free for me.

What I cannot understand, that a deposit bonus has a cap. What is the point of the whole bonus, if it only limits my chances to win big? Those type of casinos do not even want you to win. They want you to take the bonus.

Luckily, many casinos´ terms are transparent and they tell you when you are playing a game which you should not play with the bonus.

Are casinos reliable or not?

Online casinos especially are extremely reliable. Everything they do is screened by someone else. Their games are provided by casino game providers, their every action is screened by licenser, such as UKGC. Usually, players go to casino sites through review sites, such as which means that if players are not treated well, they often contact the review site to get help. If the review site doesn´t get an answer from the operator, they can open a threat at which is is a site for the advertisers. If a casino gets a bad reputation among advertisers or players, nobody will recommend them anymore.

The whole situation explained above makes it very clear that casinos under a heavy watch all the time and they simply cannot afford to be unreliable if they wish to stay in the business.

All the brands that you see on our sites are reviewed by our experienced team. All of them are considered as reliable, but there are differences in their terms, such as withdrawal methods and times and bonuses.

Luckily, these days you can try many casinos before making a deposit. Check our new no deposit casinos page to see which casinos are the hottest to try this year.

Unfortunately, I do not have any personal experience on brick and mortar casinos so I will not look into that matter in this article. However, I can safely say that if you play casinos that are licensed, you are playing at a casino which is doing everything by the rules, no matter if you win or lose.