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What I personally think, is that this question is a bit silly, but you still hear it. I believe this question has a lot to do with the idea, that the internet, in general, might be unsafe.

Well, that might have been the question maybe 10, 20 years ago when online world was still a baby learning to walk and stand. Now, for around 10 years some of has been doing everything on the internet – paid their bills, worked, ordered food etc. and nothing has ever happened. Nobody has ever stolen their credit card info, nobody came to rob their houses because their address was stolen from an online store database.

Obviously, these things have happened, but still, very rarely. As you see, when a data hack happens, it always breaks the international news. But do you see a local robbery hitting the news on the other side of the world? The answer is no. Well, another reason for this not happening is because humans are still a bit cautious when it comes to the online world and some people get to say: “I told you so, do not trust the internet”. But then again, if somebody burns their house down, nobody comes to say: “I told you so, you shouldn´t have bought the house”.

Let me tell you something, even if there have been data hacks, not even once the hackers have stolen any data from an online casino. Not even once. So if your worry is about data safety, there is your answer.

But, if you worry about the winning possibilities, meaning that can a casino manipulate the results of the games, the answer is also no. At least, when it comes to any casino that is regulated by UKGC and uses games that are developed by a game provider. Pretty much any casino falls into this category in the UK, so that is why there is a short list of best casinos, where all the other factors of a good casino are met as well,


Online Casino SafetyBasically, the UK casinos are so regulated, that you can pretty much say that the whole industry is one of the safest. It is almost as regulated as the bank industry and much more regulated than many others.

On the other hand, that answer is no, some online casinos are not safe at all. These casinos are not regulated by any trusted licenser, such as UKGC or MGA. These casinos probably develop their own games. Make sure you always check, that the casino is regulated. For instance, all the casinos presented at hold the UK license.

Pages for other licenses are MGA Casinos, international casinos, casinos Finland and Casizon Canada.

What you can, is to always check the licenser. Usually, you find this information in the footer, at the bottom of the casinos´ page. If you don´t find any information about it, they might not have it, so don´t put your money in.

But in general, online casinos are very safe. Even if you lose your money, it does not mean that the casino stole it. It only means that the algorithms were not on your side. Better luck next time.

I hope this blog has answered your question.