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Tower Of Fortuna Slot Review And RTP

Perfect for those who are looking for a new adventure and a form of exercise, we’ve got the Tower of Fortuna to climb! But most importantly, this unique tower will take you to the territory of Fortuna, the goddess of luck. With a fair hand, the goddess rules her subjects and welcomes players to climb her tower.

Betsoft designed Tower of Fortuna with give-and-take “tower-climbing” mechanics that revolutionized its gameplay. This made the game interesting especially since you can continue climbing the tower and increase the Multiplier despite your lost spins. However, don’t expect its payout to be life-changing due to its average RTP and medium volatility.

Min bet:£0.03
Max bet:£30
Max win:3,200x
Release date:September 30, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐

Tower of Fortuna slot design

The Tower of Fortuna is where the goddess of Luck, Fortuna rules. Thus, expect this game to have a Roman theme that shows the ancient Roman legends and the roman pantheon on the reels. But even though the star in this game is the goddess Fortuna, we won’t see her popping around in the grid. However, the game will take us to the ancient temples, lush rolling hills, mountains, and thick forests that are visible in the background.

Tower Of Fortuna Slot Review

The focus of the game is centered on the main Tower of Fortuna which has 3 levels that are supported by marble pillars. The symbols on the reels include the Royals J, K, Q, and A as low-paying symbols. Meanwhile, the top-paying symbols include the lion, eagle, bull, Jupiter, and a half-moon. There are also special symbols on the reels which display the crimson banner and the blazing sun.

Tower of Fortuna features

This slot has a very simple grid that is focused on the Tower of Fortuna with 3 reels and 3 rows. As you climb the tower, you can come across the game’s special symbols along the way with special functions. Specifically, the Wilds and Scatters are there to help you trigger the game’s bonus features.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols can appear on the reels and surprise you with a fortune. In Tower of Fortuna, the spirit of fortune or crimson banner functions as the Wild symbol. Untamed by humankind, this special symbol can land on the reels and substitute for all other regular symbols. The only symbol it can’t replace is the Scatter symbol. On the other hand, this special symbol can land only on the 2nd reel so you can’t see it.

Scatter Symbol

Another special symbol to check out in Tower of Fortuna is the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol is represented by a blazing sun that can land anywhere on the grid. This sun Scatter symbol plays an important role in the bonus round as it triggers the Bonus Spins.

Endless Give and Take Cycle

As you climb the tower, Tower of Fortuna allows players to enjoy an endless give and take experience. With this feature, you can climb the tower even if you didn’t get any winning combination on your current spin. At the same time, your Multiplier will still increase by 1x as you climb another level.

Moreover, any winning combination you get will be multiplied by your active Multiplier before the Multiplier resets. On your next tower climb, the Multiplier will start at 1x.

Bonus Spins

As mentioned above, you need the sun Scatter symbols to trigger the Bonus Spins. Landing 3 sun Scatter symbols on any position in the grid during the same spin will reward you 10 Bonus Spins. Each time you climb up the Tower of Fortuna, you will also activate the Multiplier and increase its value as you go. The Multiplier you will get is automatically applied to any wins you get during the Bonus Spins round.

While the Bonus Spins mode is active, sun Scatter symbols may continue to appear on each spin. If you are lucky to get another set of 3 Scatter symbols on the same spin, you will get additional Bonus Spins. Any additional spins you will have are automatically added to your total Bonus Spins to continue the fun.

Buy In Feature

For those who want to shape their fortune while playing Tower of Fortuna, this is a great addition to the features. Most importantly, it is the perfect solution for those players are feel like they are tired of waiting for the Bonus Spins. With this feature, players can simply click the Buy Feature button to buy their way into the Bonus Spins feature.

Jumping straight to the bonus round with this feature will reward them the same 10 Bonus Spins. However, this Buy Feature costs 30x the stake each time. But once this feature is triggered, the newly activated Bonus Spins mode will start at a 2x Multiplier. Your Multiplier in the current position will only reset right after using your last Bonus Spin.

Tower of Fortuna RTP, betting and prizes

Tower of Fortuna is a simple slot game with 5 pay lines only since it doesn’t have a big game area. Because of this, the game also requires a small amount of betting range only which is set with a minimum of £0.60. In case you want to increase your bet, the maximum bet you can make on each spin is up to £9.60.

Tower of Fortuna’s level of volatility is set to medium so it is a good choice for those who prefer a less risky game. At the same time, winning combinations can occur more often in this game than highly volatile slot games and give decent payouts. The maximum prize you can win from Tower of Fortuna with an average RTP of 96.09% is 3,200 the stake. This can be cash out and converted up to £96,000 on each spin.

With the help of its features, climbing the Tower of Fortuna can be easier with its Multipliers, Wilds, Scatters, and Bonus Spins. This means that there is enough opportunity that you can take advantage of in this medium-variance slot. Individual winning combinations can pay up to 10x the stake on each spin but once the Multipliers are applied, the potential increases too.

Looking at the paytable, the reels are filled with 4 Royal symbols that pay 0.20x to 0.40x for completing 3 matching symbols. Other symbols that give higher payout include the man Jupiter, the lion, the eagle, and the bull. These symbols pay 0.40x, 1x, 2x, to 2.40x for landing 3 matching symbols. Another paying symbol is the half-moon which also rewards up to 6x the stake for meeting the required number of matching symbols.


Tower of Fortuna is a very simple but fun game even though it has few numbers of pay lines only. Even though other game developers have already tried to release games with a similar concept, Betsoft still made it interesting. They kept the base game balanced between the Multipliers and lost spins until you hit a winning combo.

When it comes to the symbols, some are already considered mediocre since most slots already feature the Royals. As usual, these are also the least paying symbols so only the high-paying symbols give more payout. Since this is a medium variance game, it doesn’t pay much without the Multipliers and Betsoft could have increased the maximum payout more. Regardless, Tower of Fortuna is a nice option for those who just want to chill and enjoy playing slots.

What´s the RTP in Tower of Fortuna slot?

Tower of Fortuna slot RTP is 96.09%

What´s the volatility in Tower of Fortuna?

Tower of Fortuna is a medium volatility game.

Which game provider released Tower of Fortuna?

Tower of Fortun was developed by Betsoft, which is a game provider with a good selection of games.