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Set in futuristic space, Cyberslot Megaclusters will bring you to a new dimension where color meters. Aside from having a colorful game area, the game also has a simple but futuristic backdrop. This is combined with synth-pop audio in the background that gives the 80s vibes in it. Thus, customers can enjoy the gameplay more while listening to fun music.

The pay section shows its different icons that can appear on the reels from the low, medium, to high paying symbols. These symbols appear on a 3×3 default game area where winnings can reach up to 25x the stake. For £0.20, you can already experience Cyberslot Megaclusters and its jackpot worth up to 30,000x the stake.

Min bet:£0.2
Max bet:£20
Paylines:Megaclusters (16-256)
Max win:23 960 x
Release date:December, 2020
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cyberslot Megaclusters slot design

Cyberslot Megaclusters RTP Is Average

As its name suggests, Cyverslot Megaclusters Slot has a futuristic look that clearly shows the combination of science and technology. Big Time Gaming even combined it with an 80s synth pop audio in the background. Going through its paytable, the game has symbols that look like meteors with bright colors.

There are a total of 7 symbols: 2 low paying symbols, 2 medium paying symbols, and 3 high paying symbols. If a cluster of 25 or more high paying symbols appear, your winnings will become 25x your bet. 3 Wild symbols may appear anytime as a substitute for regular paying symbols.

One has a purple color which is considered as a regular Wild that may appear during any round. Meanwhile, the two other Wilds are connected to the features which you can check out below.

Cyberslot Megaclusters slot features

Cyberslot Megaclusters Slot has a classic layout that starts with 3 reels and 3 rows during the base game. This becomes bigger as you unlock the Bonus Round which transforms the grid from 3×3 to 9×9. There are a total of 17 Megaclusters in the game area instead of 9 since one of the positions broke down already into 9 smaller symbols.

This is what you can expect in the default format of the game. To score a winning combination, you need at least 5 matching symbols that are adjacent to each other. If a part of this winning combo has a high paying symbol, the symbols will explode. These symbols will be replaced by 9 symbols with lower value to increase the number of Megaclusters in the reels.

Reactive Wins

After hitting a winning combination during the base game, Megaclusters will appear which is followed by a payout. This process will continue until you split every original symbol in the reels into 9 Megaclusters. Once you split all original symbols, you will have a total of 73 symbols.

These include 72 regular symbols and 1 roaming wild that would appear throughout the Bonus Round. The grid will then return to its default form with a 3×3 layout whenever you fail to hit a winning combination.

Cascading Wins

The Cascading Wins will kick in after the Reactive Wins. This feature occurs to remove the winning combinations from the reels and replace them. The Cascading symbols provide more opportunities to help you boost your payouts in a single round.

Golden Roaming Wild

The Golden Roaming Wild is a symbol that you would always see popping in the reels. You will see this Wild symbol floating to a new position right after every Reactive Win. Unlike other symbols in the reels, the Golden Roaming Wild doesn’t divide. On the other hand, it can make another symbol divide into 9 pieces upon transforming back to its original position.

Aside from this, the Wild symbol also features a Win Multiplier that starts from 1x after each Reactive payout. Compared with other slot games, the size of Multiplier in Cyberslot Megacluster has no limits. Therefore, it can increase more as long as you keep activating the Reactive Wins.

Bonus Round

When it comes to slot games, one of the most awaited features is always the Bonus Spins. Thus, Big Time Gaming didn’t miss the chance to include some to satisfy the cravings of players. To activate the Free Spins, you need to strike 12 consecutive Reactive Wins during a single round.

Activating the Bonus Round will give you 6 Bonus Spins. You will also notice the meters on both sides of the reels that are highlighted by purple neon light. These meters will show you how close you are to unlocking the Bonus Round. From 3×3, the layout will increase to 9×9 where every symbol divides into 4 smaller icons in this round.

If you divide every symbol in the reels, there will be a total of 321 positions. These symbols include 80 x 4 + 1 Golden Roaming Wild symbols. The Multiplier of Golden Roaming Wild also transfers over once the Bonus Round is activated. At the same time, you will get additional 2 Bonus Spins whenever the Multiplier of Roaming Wild hits 10x levels.

There is also a Rainbow Roaming Wild which is the same as the Golden Roaming Wild. This Wild appears on the reels after the first retrigger. If the Rainbow and Golden Wilds both landed in the same winning combination, their Multipliers will multiply by each other.

Cybercluster Megaclusters RTP, betting and prizes

Cyberslot Megaclusters Slot is the kind of game that can entice both small and high paying customers. Its betting options range from £0.20 to £20 per single spin. This is a highly volatile slot so don’t expect it to pop winning combinations frequently. Regardless, the winning potential in this game is solid to match its mechanic.

Even though this has high volatility, expect to see low key actions in between occasional burst of long winning chains. These winnings could be your key to unlock the Bonus Round which depends on a specific number of consecutive winnings. Since this is a Big Time Gaming product, you can rely on Cyberslot Megaclusters RTP rating which is set at 96.36%.

Its RTP is not that high but Big Time Gaming is known for its games with fair and constant RTP ratings. At Cyberslot Megaclusters Slot, you can win a maximum jackpot that is 30,000x your stake including the winnings from features.

About Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming or BTG for short is a world-class company that provides online gaming solutions to the iGaming Industry. It provides a diverse range of products to cater to a wide range of players not just in the UK but worldwide. Now, Big Time Gaming is known as one of the leaders in slot machine development that deliver big wins.

Where to play Cyberslot Megaclusters slot

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Final words

Compared with Star Clusters, we can’t say that Big Time Gaming made Cyberslot Megaclusters way better. However, the Roaming Wild Multipliers made it more unique and interesting for players. One of the major changes to expect at Cyberslot Megaclusters Slot is how its Bonus Round is activated.

Star Clusters can do a lot of sharp bursts while Cyberslot Megaclusters is designed to give a longer Bonus Round. The Roaming Wild Multiplier helps produce decent wins and keep the players on the edge of their seat. Thus, the best way to always get a fat payout is to trigger the Bonus Spins. However, you will need a lot of patience to improve your bankroll, especially because the base game can be a little frustrating.