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I do not want to make you read until the end of this article to find the answer when I can already give you that in the first paragraph. Yes, of course, you can meet the wagering requirements. Those are not there so that nobody would ever win. Those are there, that everyone will not win. Their purpose is to balance the whole situation regarding bonuses. Below  we´ll have a closer look at the reasons behind them.

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Why do wagering requirements exist?

I know, most of you might think that it is just casinos´ way to tease people and to block the possibility of winning from everyone. Let´s think of it from their perspective. Imagine, if casinos gave everyone £200 for free. Which is actually what you are getting, if you have bonus, such as 100% up to £200. 

So imagine, 5000 people would get this £200 for free. That means 1 million pounds! And after giving that money away, they would have doubled the players´ odds to win something. Probably this kind of casino would be in bankruptcy in less than a week. 

So there you have it. Without them, we wouldn´t probably have online casino bonuses at all. It would be way too risky for any operator to give them. We would go back into times before online casinos. Or do you remember a slot machine doubling your money? Correct me if I´m wrong, but as far as I know, those did/do not exist. 

Obviously, there are requirements, that are reasonable and then there are those, that are not. For example, when the WR is less than 40, it is considered as a low one. But when the WR is more than 60, it is considered very high. 

How do you complete the wagering requirements

It is understandable, that it may sound impossible to complete the WR, if you have deposited £200, received a matching bonus and then you suddenly have to complete 40x B WR. This is how your wagering requirements would look like: 

200 bonus x 40 = 8000

Now that is a lot of money. How could you play that when you only made a deposit of £200? Would have you have to deposit more or how does it work? 

The only way to complete the wagering requirements is to keep winning while you play. For example, if you suddenly win £15.000, just play £8000 even without making another win and you are good to go. Obviously, most likely you will not win £15.000 at once but by winning small amounts, you can actually complete the amounts you have to. 

Now, it will take time, probably a long time. Even days. The bigger the bonus you took and the higher the requirements, the longer it will take. Just remember not to give up or lose your patience. Good things take time. 

And even, if you have spent a few evenings playing and trying to beat the WR, it is still possible, that the house is the winner in the end, it is all about the random algorithms. 

What kind of wagering requirements are good

There are many different wagering requirements out there, so you should always put an eye on those as there might be a lot of money on the table. 

For example, here at we show the different types of requirements in following way:

  • x D – This means that you need to wager the deposit amount.  A very rare model though.
  • x B – This means that you need to wager the bonus amount. The most common model.
  • x D + B  – In this model you need to add the deposit and bonus amounts together and then calculate the final requirements. 

So, usually, what you want to look for is a small number with x B. That means that you just have to wager the bonus amount, not the deposit amount. If you see a small number with x D+B, just double this number and you have the final requirements for that spesific bonus. 

Then there is the forfeitable bonus. That means that you can actually play with your deposit and if you win, the winnings are instantly yours and there is no need to complete any requirements. You´ll just lose the bonus money. Surely, in this case, it does not matter anymore as you are already leaving the table as a winner.  

To explain it better, casinos back you up with bonus money, in case you are not lucky with your own deposit. 

Should you play with bonuses

Now you may be thinking, that it might be a better idea to play without bonuses. After all, you would not have to hassle with any wagering requirements then. That would also leave you without extra money. You would have sliced your chances to win to half. 

Like I explained earlier, it is even possible to win an amount, which is bigger than the WR that you need to complete. That would already make you a winner. Sure, the risks are higher but then again, isn´t that why we are doing this. We love risks. 

Oh, and by the way. I´m not writing any of these things just because I want you to take bonuses. I am telling you all of this because I have completed the wagering requirements – many times. Now it is up to you to choose the way you play.