Casino Year 2019 – what to expect?

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We have almost finished the year 2018, but we ain´t still there so at this point, let´s have a quick look at the future of UK casino industry. What´s there to expect? 

As some of you know, UK Gambling Commission has tightened its fist around casinos. They will not stand any more brands that do not follow the instructions. This led into a situation, where first brands – Videoslots and Casumo were heavily fined by authorities. 

What I want to point out with this, that most likely still all the brands do not understand that who´s the boss in the house. I predict, that next year we will see the first brands losing their UK casino license. Perhaps then all the casinos realize, that they are not an authority to mess up with. It has been UKGC´s goal all along, that losing the license will become much “easier” for brands. All of this in the name of player security. I cannot really argue with that. 

Then again, there is the side of the casinos. Still, many brand suffer from so called “bonushunters”. They can easily put a smaller casino into a difficult situation. What that means, is that if a brand suddenly gets 10 000 bonus users per night, they will hard time financially, since some of them will win. 

For this reason the bonuses in UK are much smaller then in many other countries. You also see many bonuses having caps for winnings. Those exist for this same reason. Unfortunately, I will not predict the extinsion of bonus hunters, but actually tighter bonus rules. Soon we might be in a situation, where most of the brands have capped the winnings. I have seen so many brands entering UK with similar bonus terms as they use in Nordic countries, but then after couple months they change their terms. 

There will be several very interesting brands on the way as well, just remember to follow our new casinos 2019 page to stay tuned. 

All in all, the casino year 2019 will be better for the player security, casinos are more transparent, and we are all happier. 

What I hope is that the regulation will not go so far, that it kills all the fun. In wildest scenarios, there will be UKGC supervisor watching. Anyways, if this would be the case, it will not be in 2019 but maybe a decade later. 

What are you hoping from next year?