Do people gamble more during the winter?

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For those of you, who are not yet familiar with the “unspoken truth” about gambling, is that everyone thinks, that during the summer online casinos are like ghost towns and during the winter they turn into busy cities. The question is: Is that true?

The reason why everybody thinks so is mainly because of the weather. After all, in Europe, the summers are shorter and prettier, so who wants to stay inside staring at a laptop while you can be by the beach drinking a beer or something? While during the winter the best place you want to be at is your man/woman cave and laptop is your best friend, because you do not feel like being sociable with your friends.

I have to admit, that I do the same. I am not really interested in casinos in the summer, however, I do not abandon them completely. I do play a bit but not as much as during the winter. Because I want to be by the beach, drinking beer (actually I am forest nerd who enjoys nature and hiking).

I do not have any official data, because nobody would ever release it, but I have heard rumors of traffic cutting by 20-30% during the summer months from June to August. That is a lot.

What about you? Do you gamble more during the winter or not?