Does the ban of credit card deposits affect you?

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As many of you know, the latest ban from UKGC is about Credit Cards. Players cannot deposit anymore using their credit cards. That is, if they wanted to make a dept deposit.

To be honest, I think this is good news and the first real milestone in fight against problematic gambling. After all, nobody, who cannot control their gambling, should be able to have a loan for gambling, especially not from a bank. I assume that almost everyone agrees on this, right?

It is true, that still many have been doing this and not everyone has some kind of a problem. As always, most of the people are just average Joes having fun at the casino.

The ban obviously will affect the casinos. It means that they will lose money. Though a share of these players, who used to use credit card, will use another form of payment in the future. Then there are those players with problems, who just stop playing.

Now is your turn. Does this new rule have an affect on your gambling habits? Or will you just keep going like before? Let me know in the comments.