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Wins Of Nautilus Megaways RTP And A Review

If there are pirate-themed slots that commonly sail the vast ocean, Fantasma Games arrives prepared with a submarine-themed slot instead. Wins of Nautilus Megaways has a nautical or steampunk submarine theme that can take you deeper down the ocean. The Nautilus is a submarine that came from the classic novel of Jules Verne. Thus, the game’s design is based on the novel. But most importantly, this highly volatile slot has Megaways major features and extras that players look for.

Min bet:£0.2
Max bet:£20
Max win:10,000x
Release date:November 25, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐

Wins of Nautilus Megaways slot design

Focusing on the visual of the game, Wins of Nautilus Megaways has a game layout that is quite standard. This includes the reels that function as the center of attention in the game. Fantasma Games used a submarine that looks like it came from the Victorian era based on its command deck’s interior design. This also gives players a look at Nautilus’ view inside the hull.

To complete the submarine experience in Wins of Nautilus Megaways, Fantasma also added details inside it which include the periscope. The 6 central reels show up to 6 symbols while the outer 2 reels show up to 7 symbols. Its 4 other reels on top of the main reels show up to 4 symbols that can also increase your chances of winning. As you spin the reels, the game also plays fun and brass-led song in the background.

Thus, the theme of this game reminds us of the nautical adventures and other slots with a pirate theme. As the submarine’s hatches creak and the sound effects of rising bubbles in the surface play, you can enjoy its environment more. Checking out its payout, expect to see the Jack to Ace Royals as low-paying symbols. Meanwhile, its high-paying symbols include the Diving suit, Mollusc, Mechanic, Anchor, Fish-man, and the Captain herself. 

Aside from the standard symbols, Wins of Nautilus Megaways also have special symbols. These symbols include the Shark Torpedo for the Respin, the Countdown Bomb for the Expanding Wild, and the Angler Fish for the Scatter.

Wins of Nautilus Megaways features

Wins of Nautilus Megaways is one of those innovative slots that Fantasma developed with the Megaways mechanic. This game has 6 reels and 2 to 7 rows that can extend throughout the game. As expected from Fantasma, this slot didn’t disappoint us when it comes to its combination of classic and new features. So, let’s get a closer look at each feature in the gameplay below.


Also known as the Cascading Reels or Tumble, this is one of the most common features that Megaways Slots offer. Others might call this feature Rolling Reels as well but the process of how this feature works remains the same in slots. Regardless of the exact name that this feature is introduced in slots, it can be triggered each time a winning combination is formed.

As usual, this feature eliminates all involved winning symbols in the winning cluster from the grid to leave vacant positions. These vacant positions are then filled with new symbols that fall from the top of the reels. This increases the chances of winning as the remaining symbols can form more winning clusters with the new batch of symbols. The Cascade feature remains active and kicking as long as there is a new winning cluster that is formed on each sequence.

Countdown Bomb Expanding Multiplier Wilds

In addition to the Cascade feature, Wins of Nautilus Megaways also has a Wild symbol which is one of the key symbols here. This special symbol is represented by the Countdown Bomb Wild symbols that have a green color and cylindrical shape. Of course, this spicy blocker displays the ticking countdown number to warn you of the remaining time before it explodes. These Countdown Bomb Wild symbols can land on random reels and show the 1, 2, or 3 numbers.

These numbers refer to the number of consecutive wins that Wins of Nautilus Megaways require to trigger the bombs. But once triggered, the Countdown Bomb Wild symbols will expand to cover the entire reels that they occupy. This specific reel that is covered by the expanding Wild will then function as a Wild symbol. Therefore, it can also help you complete more winning combinations.

More expanding Wilds means more chances of hitting a win. Moreover, a Multiplier is applied to the winning combination which is equivalent to the number that is displayed by the Countdown Bomb Wild.

Torpedo Respins

Another feature to check out in Wins of Nautilus Megaways is the Torpedo Respins. This innovative feature shows a black Torpedo symbol with a shark’s scary face with a purple background. This can fall on a random position on the main reels to be triggered before all existing winning combinations are calculated and paid. Once triggered, this Torpedo will shoot across the reels to hit random non-winning symbols.

This means that it can destroy some of the present symbols on the main reels. Thus, the hit symbols, as well as the original spot that the Shark Torpedo occupied on the grid, will be cleared. This way, more fresh symbols can fall in Cascade to boost your opportunity to create more winning clusters. If you are lucky, you can even hit an existing winning combination and make it bigger for better rewards.

Bonus Spins

Since this is a Megaways game, Fantasma Games made sure that players can also enjoy some Bonus Spins throughout the gameplay. This bonus round can be triggered by landing 3 Scatter symbols which is another special symbol on the reels. If the Wild is represented by the Countdown Bomb symbol that can also expand, the Scatter is represented by the Angler Fish symbol. Once you land the required number of Scatter symbols, the Bonus counter on the left side of the reels will zap the Scatters.

Wins of Nautilus Megaways will then reward you with 12 Bonus Spins. Once you are playing in the Bonus Spins round, the game will switch to a new background and deeper level Nautilus has reached. Most importantly, this bonus round leads to the Progressive Multiplier that is displayed by the Multiplier counter on the right-hand side of the reels. This means that your rewards can also increase with the help of the applied Multiplier on your current bonus winnings. 

Wins of Nautilus Megaways RTP, betting and prizes

Wins of Nautilus Megaways is played with at least 324 ways to win. But with the help of its features, this can increase up to 117,649 Megaways. Just bet a minimum of £0.20 or increase it up to a maximum of £20 which can suit most types of players. When it comes to the game’s return, Wins of Nautilus Megaways has a 96.10% RTP which is pretty average.

This is combined with a 30.76% hit frequency which leads to enough hit winnings. Meanwhile, the Bonus Spins round has a 26.51% RTP and a chance to hit a winning score in 1 out of 202 spins. However, take note that Wins of Nautilus Megaways is also a highly volatile slot. Despite its light theme that will make you think of encountering non-volatile elements, this slot is very risky through and through.

You can expect to experience some dry spells from time to time after hitting a winning combination. You might even get small prizes after a lot of failed spins which can be frustrating. But at the same time, hitting a win in this game can give you high payouts with a bit of luck and Multipliers. With patience and the maximum bet, your winnings can reach up to 10,000x the stake. This can be paid with a £250,000 amount after reaching the maximum win probability of 1 in 45,000,000 sins.


Before we sum up what we observed in Wins of Nautilus Megaways, let’s return to the surface and leave this depth we’re in. Wins of Nautilus Megaways is an entertaining slot game that successfully showcased the extensive scope of Megaways. Fantasma did a good job of creating this slot with a mix of features that can compete with other Megaways from huge providers.

Despite coming from a smaller provider, Wins of Nautilus Megaways proved that it can also offer a great gaming experience to Megaways players. It has the Bonus Spins, Respins, and even Multipliers that most players look for in slots, especially in Megaways. Moreover, it has an impressive visual from its reels with detailed symbols up to its backdrop.

What´s the RTP in Wins of Nautilus Megaways slot?

Wins of Nautilus Megaways RTP is 96.1%

What´s the volatility in Wins of Nautilus Megaways?

Wins of Nautilus Megaways is considered as a high volatility casino slot.

Which game provider released Wins of Nautilus Megaways?

Wins of Nautilus Megaways is made by Fantasma.