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Time for the blog of the week! This time I wanted to share my opinions on this year´s gambling. If there is something you could perhaps do this year so your gambling experience could be better

As you know, there are so many casinos and still, there will be more and more to come. It might hard to choose the best one, especially if you are not used to searching new casinos.

Factors you should be focusing are:

  • Bonuses and bonus terms
  • Payment methods
  • Reliability

Basically, if you want to get the most out of your money, look for a high bonus, such as 200% bonus which would triple your deposit money. That is not everything to place your eyes on, as you should also look for the low wagering requirements. As you know, the higher it is, the longer you have to play.

Payment method is also very important. That is because if the casino does not support your method, it would be longer process for you to get to play. For the fastest transactions I recommend using E-wallets such as Skrill, but if you use that, you must remember to check if the casino allows bonuses for e-wallet users. That might not always be the case.

Reliability, that is very important. There are many new casinos out there who did not succeed very well and people did not get their money out. Though, we have to admit that UKGC does great job by making sure that every casino that is granted by their license, survive the stress tests. We also help you by creating our reviews based on years of experience.

Even though there are so many casinos, do not get too excited. You should always remember to play within your limits. Best thing to do is to set up a monthly limit and divide that to a number of casinos. For example, £1000 between 3 casinos a month. You should also stick to your budget. We all know what could happen if that is not happening.

In general, this year is not looking to be so much different than the previous one. As far as I know, there aren´t any big regulation changes on the way that would affect the casinos or the players. Nor I have any information on the upcoming casinos. Well, I have heard of something but before any brand is live, there is no point to create any hassle around the issue.

Overall, check the review of the casino before creating an account or placing bets. Actually, check a few reviews. After all, you want to be sure that the brand you are looking at, fulfils all, or at least most of your requirements. There really can be big differences. If you are a high roller, you probably want a casino that allows big deposit amounts as well as high withdrawals. Not to even mention the VIP benefits. If you are planning to play with big chips, you deserve to treated well. As we all do.