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Hi there, Yes. You. Come here.

Thank you.

I have noticed that we have many new readers here at gamblingbulldog.com. We appreciate your time on our site and we welcome you all with very warm gambler´s heart.

The site is trying to cover all the topics that any casino reader would be interested in: Bonuses, new casinos, game provider reviews and sports betting sites.

Then there are the casino videos, which me, as a blogger am doing. Currently, these videos are about the latest slot games. When a new slot is being published, I´m doing a review of it on the same day it was published.

Other than the videos, I am also writing this blog where the topics range from one to another, sometimes being more serious issues and sometimes not so serious ones.

BTW, if you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the videos or the blog, I am more than happy to hear you out. Who knows, maybe it will be your suggestion that I will include in my future videos and posts.

Perhaps you would like to see something else in my videos than just games? Perhaps you would like to see me reviewing certain games from certain providers? Let me know. For now, I will stick to just making reviews on slots until further notice.