Do I gamble on mobile or on desktop?

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I wanted to make a blog post about this “mobile vs. desktop” gambling issue, since this one seems to divide people. Seems like people are either mobile casino players or desktop players. Which one are you?

Okay, I have to admit… Maybe I am a bit old-fashioned, but I prefer to play on desktop. My main reasons to do so are these:

  • Screen is bigger
  • My position is better
  • I am not disturbed
  • People sitting next to me will not try to see if I win
  • I will not hit the pole while walking when I gamble
  • The whole experience is just a bit more comfortable
  • There are more games available

However, I do understand people who use smaller devices. In the end it is quite fun that you can access the games anywhere you are. Who would not like that, right? I just try to keep some limits for myself and only gamble through the night at home… Hehehe, that was a joke. I do not play that much, only every other night.

Actually, these days the games look very good on mobile devices, can´t argue with that.

Mobile vs. desktop – which one is better?

This is one of those forever questions which only you can answer. If you like mobile, that´s okay. If you like desktop, there is nothing wrong with that either!

I have something for the both of you:

Anyways, I will continue playing on my desktop and I will not feel bad about it. I have one request for you out there on the other side. Let´s still be friends!