How I ended up working for casinos

Here I am, writing a blog on Friday night because I have nothing better to do, so I might as well as tell you my story on how I ended to igaming industry.

It was an accident.

I never ever thought that I would go to for casinos or do anything in the industry. Where I am from, we barely even knew there are casinos online. I probably had heard of those in the past, but those were just considered as something evil in the online world. Well, back in those days everything online was evil, remember? In the end it looks like everything ended up quite well. If we do not mind the fact that we became slaves of our smartphones. But safety wise, I think online world is not that bad. Neither are online casinos.

I was in my mid 20´s and I wanted to see the world. So I just booked a plane ticket without any proper plan. I just wanted to take off. Since I am now older and smarter, I know that leaving to the unknown without a plan will soon end up into a situation where you ask yourself “How am I going to survive?”. I was there too.

Malta And Casinos


I had heard, that the casino industry needs badly new workers. The industry had just started to boom and they needed professionals. I needed money and new adventures. That´s when I headed to Malta. An island I knew nothing about.

Back then and still, Malta is the centre of the online gaming. There are hundreds of casinos running their operations. Honestly, it was so easy to find a job that within a week I had 3 offers on the table. I actually got to choose.

I still kind of thought that the whole igaming industry is a bit tricky, so I wanted to work with a brand that has fair terms. Well, at the beginning I knew nothing of fair terms in the industry so it took me a couple bad choices to actually know to which kind of brands I should work for. These same terms I still follow in my current position here at Eventually, I wanted to be able to introduce several safe options at the same the to the whole UK.

But, let´s not make this an advertisement for this site.

Still, being in this industry is sort of a tabu. In certain places, I do not even dare to tell what do I do for a living. When I do, the reaction is always negative. That is until I explain.

I do not regret that accident. It has made my life very interesting and definitely, something different. Plus I still get to travel. What more can a man ask for? I still believe, that this industry has a lot to show me and I have a lot to give. I definitely support what UKGC is doing. Bringing the industry under the safe wings and make sure, that players get what they were promised and mostly, what they deserve.

“You can only change things from the inside”, is my motto.

How about you? How did you end to what you are doing and are you happy about it? Would you like to do something else?




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