How much gambling is too much gambling?

This is probably a question, that every gambler asks from themselves, or at least should ask, if you ask from me.

Most likely all of us will always answer “My gambling is not too much”, even if someone close to us would mention anything of our precious habit. “No, not me! Everything is in control”.

The sad truth is, that sometimes the gambling has crossed a line, and step back is more than needed.

But how can someone say, what is too much? Shouldn´t it be me who decides that?

The problem in the statement above is that we as humans, tend to become blind for our own actions and the only people who can open our eyes are the ones that love us.

Now, with this article I´m not saying that gambling is bad. No way! It is one of the best ways to spend time in the evening. The main thing is, that it needs to be in control.

There are these few rules that all of us should follow:

  1. Set a budget
  2. Set a time limit
  3. Accept losses

It is very important, that we follow a monthly budget. That money should not be taken from the essentials. By that I am talking about money which is meant for housing, food and bills. Anything after that, you can spend as you wish.

Also, set a time limit. You probably have people who need your time too. So it is important to set a specific time which is meant for gambling and then stick to it, no matter what the situation is at the moment.

It is easier to follow these rules, when you´re on a winning strike, but a lot more difficult when you have lost your budget. Then the whole thing easily collapses and you want to start chasing your losses. That probably does not end well and you might end up losing more money. That´s why it is important to accept, that sometimes you just lose your money. That is part of the game.

Now if you are willing to follow these 3 rules, your gambling experience is way more interesting and enjoyable. Being a gambler is not an embarrassing thing, at least not for me.

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