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So, last week marks the week when ICE conference was held in London. As some of you know, the Excel centre, where it was held is a massive one. Imagine that place full of slot machines, casino stands, bars and so on.

Now imagine millions of colours, pretty girls, good food and colourful drinks.

Then imagine 50×50 meter screens all around that place, showing animations of the future games.

Now you might have an idea about ICE.

Take a look at this video from the event, published by Microgaming.

I was there for the first time and my first reaction was “wow”, is this real. All the game providers were there. Their stands were art itself, which of course you can expect from companies that manufacture artistic games. If it was any other way, I would have been dissapointed.

For anyone who loves slots and games, that place was like an amusement park with free candy. Though, I have to tell you that even there were hundreds of slot machines, they only allowed you to play “free”, meaning it wasn´t possible to win from them.

Obviously at this point I am not allowed to reveal anything I have seen or heard in there or I am afraid you would not hear from me after… Just kidding. All I can say, is that the games of the future, as well as the casinos are going to be amazing. It is not a surprise, that especially the visuals are more eye-pleasing than ever.

Unfortunately these conferences are only for the people who work in the industry, but if you ever get a chance to enter such an event, I recommend you to do so.

During this year we will be publishing all the new games and casinos we heard of during the ICE so stay tuned for more.