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Today I got my hands on 2 new games, which were both released this week. The other one is Money Train 2 to from Relax Gaming and the other one is 1 Million Megaways BC from Iron Dog Studio.

What I mean by saying “got my hands on”, is that I actually played these games and recorded videos of it.

1 Million Megaways BC

Firstly, let´s take a look at 1 Million Megaways BC. This slot is the latest addition on the Megaways games and as you can see from the name, it actually has 1 Million paylines. at first I thought it only had something to do with the history. But yeah, there it is.

Honestly, after realising the game has so many paylines, i expected a lot. In the end I got dissapointed and this game is a bit boring. The only interesting feature in this game is the bonus feature, which I actually bought (oops). I used to be against the buying, but why not. It´s not a freeway to millions and yeah, it is showing a finger to the odds, but if I can do that, why wouldn´t I?

Would you buy or do you buy bonus rounds when they are available?

Here is how the bonus feature looks like:

1 Million Megaways BC features:

  • Paylines: 1,058,851
  • Max win: 45,000x
  • Min bet: £0.2
  • Max bet: £20
  • Volatility: High


The game tries to be something different, but I am not sure it is. I feel like it did not use its whole potential.

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Money Train 2

Money Train 2 is the second game on the series of Money Train slots by Relax Gaming. Though, it is not yet confirmed if there will be more.

Money Train was an action packed game and is the number 2. The layouts of these 2 games are very similar, but still not the same. It is good, that they have actually made some minor changes, like on the train. You can still recognize the train, but the car is different.

In a way it feels like the graphics were better in the first one. Or is it just me?

Money Train 2 is like that dark relative, who drives black cars and does everything shady, but still remains cool.

Money Train 1 now feels an innocent slot with its bright colours and happy country music.

Here´s how the game looks like:

Money Train 2 features:

  • Paylines: 40
  • Max win: 50,000x
  • Min bet: £0.2
  • Max bet: £20
  • Volatility: High


In my opinion, Money Train 2 is an excellent game. This is how a sequel should be done. They still manage to keep it recognizable, but they made slight changes to not make it feel like a copy.

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