Is there going to be a max bet in the future?

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UKGC may be planning to set the max bet to £2 in the near future. Now that may be a horrible news for many gamblers, especially to those ones who are used to bet big, such as £75 per round. Being forced to play with as little as £2 might feel ridiculous for many.

Th reason why they are thinking to do this, is because the Brick and Mortar slot machines were already forced to do so last year. In that light, it is not a wonder that they want online games to obey the same rules.

Of course the main reason is the same song that we´ve heard before. It should work against problematic gambling. Now the main question is, does it?

Let´s say you know someone who has a massive issue with gambling. Someone, who is willing to gamble all his money. Do you think that if the max bet is set on £2 he stops doing so? I dont think he does. He just plays longer time.

Although it might make online gambling less interesting for those who are seeking for winnings. Since if the players can only bet up to £2, that means they will win less as well. Unless they play jackpot games. In those games you can still win big.

An average gambler might just see such behaviour as bullying. Imagine at the pub you were all allowed to spend just £20 tonight? Whether you were an alcoholic or not. But you wouldn´t be allowed to go all in.

I think the main question here is, that are they over gonna stop with the regulations and where is the limit? Are these suggestions to just bully to common man by someone who hates gambling, or are they from a caring person, who wants to help just the ones with issues? What do you think?