Is UKGC going too far?

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There are rumours going on about UKGC´s next steps.

As some of you know. UKGC has tightened their hold on casinos and most likely will do so in the future. Of course, all these new rules are for good purpose, but are they sometimes going too far?

For example, the latest rule was that everywhere you see a casino, you need to have an access to the casino´s terms and conditions. Well, that is good, but the question is, how many of you would actually click that link and read the T&C before playing? Would reading those prevent you from becoming a gambling addict?

The UKGC Gambling Commission Laws

I do not believe that this is a good thing, I mean, after all, there are already so many rules for the casinos, that they cannot implement any weird, small printed rules. That would lead to them losing the whole license. So, what is the reason that the player would have to go through all the boring law text? Probably someone thought that they would find about all the law texts, but does anyone really read those. Even if the link was given in front of your face 10 times a day, would you read it? I have to admit, I would not.

Now, the next rule might be a bit better, since they are now thinking about prohibiting gambling with credit cards. Basically, nobody would be allowed to play with money they do not have yet.

Obviously that is very good for the people with gambling issues, but should the same rule apply then for drinking and restaurants? Since there are so many people who have issues, especially with gambling. Perhaps paying with credit card should be declined, if you are going to spend your upcoming money on any entertainment.

For this reason, the new suggested law is problematic. Why would one vertical need extra babysitting, when there are other verticals with issues too?

What if we all admitted, that right now we have reached the point where everything is okay and going any further, it just feels like adults are being babysitted. By saying this, I do not mean that we should overlook the problems, but sometimes the actions do not work anymore as they were supposed to.