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Cherry Bombs RTP And A Review

Cherry Bombs is a slot game from Mancala Gaming that has a retro style. Contrary to the usual style of Mancala, this slot has that classic slot vibes inspired by real games from brick-and-mortar gambling houses.

Still, Mancala Gaming made sure that Cherry Bombs has booming gaming dynamics with all of its features. Thus, you can expect a lot of actions in its 5×3 default grid which can expand during bonus rounds. From its 95% RTP, the maximum winnings per spin are up to 2,500x your stake.

Cherry Bombs Slot is a medium-high game that is packed with lots of features you can check out below.

Min bet:£0.25
Max bet:£250
Max win:2500x
Release date:Released
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐

Cherry Bombs slot design

Cherry Bombs Slot By Mancala Gaming

Design-wise, Cherry Bombs has that classic element that is similar to classic fruit slots. Its symbols have simple and clean lines which give them sharp looks. Even the theme of the Bonus Spin round is stripped from classic slots. Thus, Mancala Gaming did a great job of giving that nostalgia effect to players.

Cherry Bombs Slot Review

When it comes to its backdrop, Mancala opted for the classic red brick wall too. This is pretty common in well-established gaming halls or even in drinking establishments. We also like the fact that Cherry Bombs slot has that simple yet pleasing look. Its powerful violet glow also adds an impact to its aesthetics.

Its kind of design is what many players like to flock on in physical gambling houses. As for its symbols, expect to see Watermelons, Grapes, Grapes, and Oranges. There are also Citrus Fruits, Prunes, and Blueberries.

Cherry Bombs features

Mancala Gaming’s Cherry Bombs has 5 reels and 3 rows in its grid. It also features various levels of bonuses and special symbols that can trigger the game’s explosive features. Of course, this game will not be complete without the Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, and Bonus Spins. So, let’s get into the details of this game starting from its base game to its bonus game.

Base Game

The base game of this slot features the Cherry Bomb symbol that can land next to a single matchstick. This can be aligned perfectly with the fuse of the Cherry Bomb which starts the explosion in the reels. The exploding Cherry Bomb during the base game destroys the symbols from the left, right, top, and bottom sides of the cherry.

All destroyed symbols are then replaced by new cascading symbols that can form a new winning line. In case there are Matchstick and Cherry Bomb symbols on the grid that do not fuse nor align, you can get a second chance. You can use your second chance to align and match the fuse. Keep reading to understand these features.

Matchstick Triggers

Cherry Bombs has 2 kinds of special ignition symbols that do not pay. However, these symbols can trigger the Cherry Bomb explosions which lead to rewards.

  • Single Matchstick

This Single Matchstick can land in all 3 levels of the gameplay and on any reel. Any Single Matchstick symbol that lands on the 2nd,3rd, and 4th reel can point upwards or downwards, to the left side or right side. However, only Matchstick symbols that land on the 1st reel can point upwards or downwards to the right side. Meanwhile, those Matchsticks that land on the 5th reel can only point upwards or downwards to the left side.

  • Double Matchstick

Compared with the Single Matchstick symbol, the Double Matchstick symbol can land only on the level 2 and 3 of the game. During level 2, it can land on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels only. But during the 3rd level, the Double Matchstick symbol can land on the 3rd, and 5th reels only. Regardless, the Double Matchstick symbols on these reels can point on the left or right side only. Also, each pair can only point upwards or downwards.

  • 2nd Chance Spin

The 2nd Chance Spin symbol can land on level 1 only. If there is a Single Matchstick that landed near a Cherry Bomb but didn’t point to the fuse, the Matchstick spins. This provides a 1-in-4 chance for players to trigger the Cherry Bomb’s explosion. This also means that the chances of triggering the Cherry Bomb can be increased if there are more Cherry Bomb symbols. However, these symbols should be adjacent to the Matchstick symbols. 

Level Up Meter

Reaching the higher levels of the game depends on the number of consecutive explosions of the Cherry Bombs. Every time a Cherry Bomb symbol explodes, it will automatically add a certain amount of energy to the “Level-Up Meter”. You can see the Level Up Meter beside the reels. Once the meter reached its required energy level, you will get a certain number of Bonus Spins for jumping to the next level:

  • Level 1 to Level 2 = 5 Bonus Spins
  • Level 2 to Level 3 = 10 Bonus Spins

When you dropped down from any of the 3 levels, you will not get any Bonus Spin. The energy on the Level-Up Meter will not decline during the Bonus Spins round. However, it can increase if there are Cherry Bomb explosions that occurred during the Bonus Spins. If there are not enough sequential Cherry Bomb explosions that can sustain your current level, the game will drop 1 level. Therefore, you will return to your previous level in the game.

Extra Features

Since we mention “levels” multiple times, let’s take a look at Cherry Bomb’s extra features. For every level you reach, a higher reward awaits.

  • Level 1

The first level of the game is also called the Base game which includes the 2nd Chance Win Matchstick. This symbol is the highest paying tile in the reels so it also has special effects. Once it explodes, more symbols can take its space plus 4 more spaces around it.

  • Level 2

As soon as Level-Up Meter is full and you reach the next level, the grid will transform into a 6×4. This is the level where the Double-Cherry Bomb symbol appears together with 5 Bonus Spins. Also, this is the level where Mancala Gaming introduced the cluster pay mechanic. 

  • Level 3

Since this is the last level, this also has the biggest explosion in the game. This level is packed with the cluster pay on a 7×5 game area. This is also the level where the Double Cherry symbols transform into Triple Cherries.

The Triple Cherry symbols can appear on the 4th reel only. After every explosion, this juicy fruit will disappear to make more room for high-paying symbols.

Even if the exploding Cherry Bombs don’t pay on their own, they help increase the level meter. This, the best way to trigger more explosions with bigger rewards is to collect Matchsticks. The more Matchstick symbols you can collect the better gaming experience you can have.

Cherry Bombs RTP, betting and prizes

Cherry Bombs Slot has a total of 25 winning lines in its grid and a cluster pay mechanic. To win juicy prizes, you have to match 3 to 5 similar symbols along a pay line during the base game. But first, let’s appreciate the fact that this game has a very affordable betting range.

Starting from £0.25, you can increase your bet up to £250 per spin. This way, even reserved players can take advantage of Cherry Bombs’ cool features and rewards. To adjust your betting level, just adjust the bet adjustment tool below the reels. Also, this game has medium-to-high volatility so the risk isn’t that high.

When it comes to the game’s returns, Cherry Bombs has 95% RTP which is acceptable but still lower than other average slots. As for the payout, you can take home a whopping reward that is 2,500x your stake with the maximum bet. Its high-paying symbols include Watermelon, Grapes, and Oranges. Its low-paying symbols include Prunes, Blueberries, and Citrus Fruits.

Cherry Bombs conclusion

For those players who are into medium-to-high slot games, Cherry Bombs might be a good option. Aside from being less risky, this slot has an impressive betting range. Thus, even casual players and low wagers can bet in this game.

However, its RTP is not that high just like the rest of Mancala Gaming slots. After all, one of Mancala Gaming’s signature is its uniform RTP on all of its games. Regardless, Cherry Bombs is a fun slot with all of its features but could be more appealing if it has higher RTP.

What´s the RTP in Cherry Bombs slot?

Cherry Bombs slot has a 95% RTP, which is usual in Mancala Gaming slots.

What´s the volatility in Cherry Bombs?

Cherry Bombs is considered as a medium-high volatility slot.

Which game provider released Portal Masterslot?

The slot comes from Mancala Gaming. They have a good selection of slots with different themes.