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Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slot Review

Max Quest is back with another exciting journey with hits team of brave soldiers. The Max Quest – Mission: Amazon is another creation of BetSoft that is a pack of action and cool visuals. This slot complements other Max Quests’ series of slots that have a mix of RPG elements.

This is something that you will not see in regular online slots that are focused only on spinning the reels. Max Quest- Mission: Amazon is a mission in the jungle so you should be fully armed and alert. Be ready for anything that can happen along the way ad compete against the feared guardians of the jungle.

Any moment, you might come across with blood-thirsty spirits that have glowing eyes. Just like you, they also seek the lost treasures of the Amazon which is worth up to 6,000x your stake. With 97.5% RTP, we will share here the features and prizes that it offers.

Min bet:£0.03
Max bet:£1
Max win:6000x
Release date:November, 2020
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Where to play Max Quest – Mission: Amazon slot

These are the top Betsoft casinos, where you can play Max Quest – Mission: Amazon slot:

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Slot design

Max Quest- Mission: Amazon Slot is set in the lush jungle in the Amazon basin. Home to the famous river that covered the canopy of gigantic trees and tons of plants, this slot is loaded. It is a 3D RPG slot that has a mix of action and adventure in the gameplay. Its story goes deep in the jungle that hides the mysteries and frightening beasts of the Amazon.

The legend has it that the untold treasures were hidden deep within the area. However, these treasures are protected by savage and inhuman guardians. So, be one of the Max Quest explorers in this jungle and take advantage of its birds-eye perspective. Anyone can be the hero that heads the team in this adventure so let’s go check out its features below.

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slot Looks Like This

To start playing, you have to set it up first which can be a little complicated for others. It is not as simple as pressing the Spin/Play button to see what combinations will land on the reels. BetSoft made it more engaging for players so be sure that you have enough balance to play longer. The shooting action in this game is automatically activated once the game started.

There Are Several Weapons on Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Game

This means that it also automatically deducts the amount of coin you use during per round. Each gun costs different and you can buy additional options if you need better guns to choose from.

Max Quest – Mission: Amazon features

Max Quest- Mission: Amazon features 5 rooms instead of ordinary reels in most slots. It also has special features that include the in-game quests, boss battles, ammunitions, special weapons, buy ammo, and leaderboards. All options and settings of the game are located at the bottom of or on the side of the screen.

You can select the weapon you want to use by clicking the button that has a pistol icon. This will lead you to the paytable after clicking the star icon.


Each creature in the game has a fixed HP depending on its level: 1, 2, or 3. To win in this game you need to kill a horde of creatures like:

  • Carnivorous ant
  • Tiny toads
  • Venomous wasp
  • Crazed guardian
  • Slithering serpent
  • Jungle runner
  • Vine witch
  • Exploding toads
  • Spirit scorpion
  • Armed warrior
  • Skullbreaker
  • Stalking jaguar

Whenever a creature is killed, you can have a chance to summon one of the 3 Legendary Bosses.

  • Spider Queen – 1000 HP
  • Stone Guardian – 2,500 HP
  • Primal King – 5,000 HP

With higher HP, you have to exert more effort to kill these Legendary Bosses using special weapons.

Reel Modifiers

Aside from these symbols, BetSoft also equipped this game with reel modifiers. These are extra events that can appear on the screen anytime during your gaming sessions. These reel modifiers deal damage to the creatures or wipe them out from the screen during the swarm up. Hence, the extra feature of this game involves powerful guns.

Thus, be sure to get the expensive guns because the more expensive it is the more damage it can make. As soon as you destroy the creature you can move on to your next journey.

Special Weapons

The game starts with a default pistol that is equipped with you. Throughout the game, you can obtain more powerful weapons that can be purchased or looted from slain enemies. These are called Special Weapons that don’t consume money to shoot the creatures. However, these weapons have limited ammo to help you so it is better to use it wisely.

Don’t waste each shot to make sure you kill each creature fast and easy. Moreover, each weapon in this game has different stats that you can consider when choosing guns. Their covered areas include the weapons’ damage, strength, and other additional effects. Max Quest – Mission: Amazon Slot has a total of over 10 guns that include the following:

  • Standard pistol
  • Plasma rifle
  • Laser
  • Rocker launcher
  • Mine launcher
  • Grenade
  • Machine gun
  • Shotgun
  • Rapid-fire pistol
  • Cryogun
  • Railgun
  • Artillery strike
  • Flamethrower

These guns also come in different effects that can be delivered such as:

  • Critical hits – this deal more damage to the creatures but the chance to deliver a critical hit depends on the weapon you use.
  • Instant kills – this is a powerful effect that may depend on the current HP of the enemies and the chosen weapon itself. Enemies with low HP can be killed instantly once shot by a powerful weapon with this special effect.
  • Overkills – as its name suggests, weapons with this special effect can deal more damage than the enemies’ remaining HP. If the death of an enemy is considered overkill, you will receive an additional reward.

Betting and prizes in Max Quest – Mission: Amazon

The Max Quest – Mission: Amazon Slot requires a minimum of £0.01 bet up to £0.50 per spin. To receive cash prizes, you have to kill as many creatures as possible. Still, each creature in the game has a different amount of hit points and attack points. The higher level the creature has, the harder it is to kill so these creatures are incorporated with high prizes.

The highest paying symbol in this game is the Skullbreaker which weighs 1,200 during the first level. This increases to 1,350 hit points during the second level, and 1,500 hit points at the third level. Thus, one drop of this symbol can already give a high prize. However, this is a highly volatile slot so the risk is higher.

Regardless, it has a very high RTP rating which is set at 97.50%. Depending on the number of enemies you killed and their level, your prizes could reach up to 6,000x your stake. 

About BetSoft

BetSoft is a premier creator of mobile-friendly online casino games and 3D slots that are distributed worldwide. Founded in 2006, the company earned a reputation for producing high-quality iGaming products in the industry. It offers a wide selection of cross-platform online games that are reliable and easy to navigate. From 3D slots to traditional table games, and virtual racing, BetSoft can compete in the market.

Final words

Overall, Max Quest – Mission: Amazon is a strange but fun slot in its way. Its style may not suit all players but it can be worth a try for those who want a hybrid slot. It is a combination of RPG and an online slot that made it interesting. Thus, you get to experience shooting enemies and playing slots at the same time to entertain yourself.