Merry Christmas & happy new year 2020

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Yes, I know, Christmas is not yet today, but my blog will start its holiday starting today.

It has been a very interesting year from every aspect. Starting from my personal life to my professional life, including this blog. We have seen a lot happening in the industry in the UK since the administration tightened their hold on the operators, which is not completely a bad thing. After all, all the rules are here for our safety, right?

We have also seen many operations leaving the UK and well, we all know why that happens. They are not making enough profit. The competition is tough so it is impossible for everyone to succeed in here.

How does casino year 2020 look like?

I think now the situation will be a bit more calm. There won´t be any major changes on the rules which would everyone, including affiliates and the operators. I think the rules are pretty clear now and UKGC has done their best when it comes to helping the those with gambling problems. As sad as it is, all the problems will never go away.

What I am worried about is that there might not be so many new casinos from different companies. What I mean by this is that probably these few operators keep launching new brands in the UK and newbies are more afraid to launch since they have also seen many brands quitting quite soon. But, I might be wrong too.

To stay updated of what´s to come, follow our new casinos page.

All in all, the year 2019 was a good year and a lot was happening, not just in the UK but in other countries as well, such as Finland, where the public rose against the monopoly company called Veikkaus. In Sweden players lost almost all campaigns and they can only have 1 bonus per casino.

One thing though that might affect the casinos next year is the upcoming Brexit. That always means a lot of hassle for companies. We will see how that affects the casino industry.

Despite that, remember to eat and drink well and spend time with your loved ones.