My favourite casino of the year so far?

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It has been quite the year when it comes to new casinos, but not as interesting as the years in the past. Here is why.

As some of you may have already noticed – there are not that many new casinos any more as there were a few years ago. The reasons for that is quite simple. The competition is too hard, the license is expensive and overall, the whole project can be very expensive and certainly not easy for a casino. Obtaining the license can sometimes take years.

For that reason, we do not see so many casinos from different companies, but in general the brands come from a few platforms as white labels. Some of these brands include Aspire Global, Nektan Gaming and White Hat Gaming.

As you can expect, every casino from the same platform are usually quite similar. That is quite sad. If all the casinos start to look the same, what is there for the players anymore? Just copies of each other? How would a player make a choice? By the logo? In the end, all that is underestimating the players. Most of the players put value on the casino terms and they need more than just a shiny brand. For that reason, every time we see a brand which is just a sad copy of a sad brand, we will give it a bad review. That´s what it deserves. Then again, if we see a good brand with good terms. We are not afraid to tell that.

So, this year we have not seen too many casinos. At least not as many as I was hoping for. There is still over half a year to go, so perhaps there will be change. I know there are some interesting brand which have been waiting for a long time to get brands. I know some of them are very good brands, so the delay is not because there is something wrong with them.

The best casino of the year so far is

GoPro Casino. This brand, released just recently has very good terms for the players. Lots of bonuses, low wagering requirements, a wide selection of games and payment methods and clean design.

Exactly, what modern players deserve. They know what we want so we actually will return. After all, that should be the goal for every online casino out there. Make your casino so good, that the visitors will be returning visitors. The goal should not be trying to get the player to make one deposit, make them angry and never see them again (I hope in reality, this isn´t the goal for anyone).

What is coming?

So far I only know, that there are some very interesting brands waiting for their UKGC license but as it always is, nobody can predict when that is about to happen. Hopefully sooner than later.