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As well have our favourite for everything, so do I. This time we are talking about online casinos. I have seen many of them during these years and many of them do not make me feel thrilled, and not many of them make me feel super excited.

What makes a casino to be in my favour?

I have some features which I am looking at during my gambling experience on a site. Again, some of these are just my personal views while you might be looking at completely different things.

Firstly, when I enter the site, I look at how it looks like. Does it look like it was built in a day, or did someone actually trying to make to design to be pleasant, while someone else saw some effort on the user-friendliness.

Quite the same for me is the fact that casino needs to be transparent. A good one posts all the necessary information on pages where they are easy to find as well as shows all the promotion information clearly. Latter however, is required by the law in UK these days.

Then there are these few features, which I think should be obvious:

  • Withdrawal times
  • Bonus terms
  • Customer support
  • Game selection

As many of the players think that all the casinos are the same these days, I must say, that is not true. Unless 2 brands are operated by the same company, they are never completely same.

When looking at the bonus terms, you might want to take a look at the max withdrawal. Yes, there are some brands who set up one. Then obviously we want the WR to be as low as possible.

A good customer service makes a lot. If there is an issue, as a player I want to have the option to contact them fast and to have a respectful answer.

Withdrawal times should be humane, such as up to a few days, depending on the method. Not a week or more. These days, if there is a will, a casino can process their payments within humane time.

What is my favourite casino then?

Then, let´s get back to the choice. I believe my choice is the same as many others have. The reasons I like them is that the brand is well built, they have interesting bonuses as well as all the other factors I mentioned are in my favour. My favourite casino is:

[featured site=’Rizk Casino’ ][/featured]