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There are lots of game providers these days. So many, that if a casino has just 10 of them, it would not be considered as a good one. They really need to have dozens of them these days.

Are they all just the same or do they actually have some differences? Could I actually have a favourite game provider or and on what could I base my selection?

Even in the UK we have several game providers to choose from and some of them are even from the UK, but many of you already know, that most of them, especially the best ones come from Sweden. These include famous providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, which are companies, whose position anyone else would want any day.

They both make amazing games, that´s for sure. I have just never seen myself as the mainstream guy and usually with anything, my favourite one is someone who is doing things differently.

It is time to reveal my favourite game provider.

Until recently, I have to say that my favourite game provider is Red Tiger Gaming. Their games are extremely beautiful and full of action. For me it is important, that the slot I play is entertaining. Since every game is mainly about winning any way, I like to feel entertained as well. Their slots usually have some side games like you see in Pirate´s Plenty series. Many of their games are using the Megaways -feature as well, which I like.

Red Tiger Gaming

There is something I do not like though.

Since the company was acquired by NetEnt in 2019, I feel like their games are not keeping up with the same level as they were before. I do not know if this is intentional, but this is just my personal opinion. I am following very closely, what their new master is going to do with them. I really hope their plan is not to destroy them in order to make themselves to look better. I believe that would not be beneficial for anyone.

These are my favourite casinos with Red Tiger Gaming slots:

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There is another one, which I think has a bright future.

Ganapati, which has earned some popularity in Japan. Now if you want your games neat, that´s what they have. Most of their games have a nice Asian theme, so they are a bit exotic too.

Juliet Adelstein started as their new CEO in February 2020 and she said that her biggest goal is to bring Ganapati from Japan towards the Western markets. So perhaps in the future we will see games with different themes, but I hope they will not lose their touch, which now makes them something else than others.

Juliet Adelstein in an interview

If you want to try them out, these casinos offer their games:

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What about you? What is your favourite game provider?