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Evil Goblings xBomb Review And RTP

Head down into the lair of mischievous creatures underground in Evil Goblins xBomb and get as much gold as you can. But before you go ahead in excitement, take note that the cave is guarded. If you think that they will act as friendly creatures while you target their gold, you might want to think twice before rushing.

The evil Goblins will do everything just to protect their treasures so prepare yourself for a fight. All intruders who will dare to steal their gold will face challenges throughout the game. Thus, NoLimit City packed this game with multiple features that are not limited to the usual Wilds, Scatters, and Bonus Spins.

Min bet:£0.2
Max bet:£100
Max win:31,969x
Release date:October 12, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Evil Goblins xBomb slot design

Evil Goblings xBomb Review

From an underground place that is decorated with golds and creepy bones, Evil Goblins xBomb will let you into the lair of Goblins. Thus, this game has a Goblin theme and NoLimit City took this opportunity to showcase their talent in creating an entertaining slot. Evil Goblins xBomb is designed with stunning graphics that are supported by immersive sound effects and animations. Evil Goblins xBomb also has a scarier theme that is complemented by its insane level of volatility.

Evil Goblins xBomb features

Evil Goblins xBomb showcases its features in a game area with 6 reels and 3 rows. Inside the goblins’ territory, you will be welcomed by multiple features. These include the Resurrection Wilds, xBomb, Evil 4, Goblin Sacrifice, Goblins Feast Spins or Bonus Spins, the Bonus Buy feature, and more. To know if this game is worth your time, let’s find out how these features work in the gameplay.

Resurrection Wild Symbol

Since this game is full of wild Goblins, your Evil Goblins xBomb experience will not be complete without the Wild symbol. So expect to see a lot of Wild symbols that may pop on the screen. As usual, the Wild is a very valuable symbol on the reels since it can help you complete more winning combinations. The Wild symbol works as a substitute for other regular symbols to give you the specific type of symbols you need and win.

In this game, you can spot the Wild symbol by looking for the Dead Wild symbols or skull icons with a black background. These Dead Wild symbols are greyed out and function as blockers on the reels unless they transform into Resurrection Wilds. You can transform these Dead Wilds if you land 3 Dead Wild symbols on the 2nd to the 6th reels. Also, the last Wild symbol to land will come filled with a Multiplier that can boost your payout more.

These 3 Resurrection Wilds come to an attached 11x Multiplier to the last Wild while 4 Resurrection Wilds will give 33x the stake. If you are lucky to land 5, the last Wild will give you a Multiplier that is 55x your stake.

Scatter Symbols

If there are Dead Wild symbols, there are also Scatter symbols that can land on the 2nd reel up to the 5th reel. This special symbol is represented by the huge “S” symbol that is color red. This big red S Scatter symbol functions as the key symbol to activate the bonus round.

Goblin Sacrifice

Once you play Evil Goblins xBomb, you will notice 4 different Goblins that are hanging on top of the reels. These Goblins hang across the 2nd reel up to the 5th reel on each spin during the base game. These Goblins are chosen randomly from the 5 strongest gangs in the game and they may change after each spin. 

If one of the symbols below matches the symbol on top of the reels, the mischievous culprit will throw a grenade on the symbol. This action will transform the hit symbol into a Wild symbol for the Goblin Sacrifice feature. Once that Goblin used his sacrifice, he will be eliminated from the screen and be replaced by another Goblin.

Evil 4

The 4 Goblins above the reels are also connected to another bonus feature which is the Evil 4. The Evil 4 feature can be triggered if you match all 4 Goblins above the reels. The lucky Goblin that is chosen will be displayed wearing a crown while sitting on the throne above the first reel. At the same time, the crowned Goblin on the throne comes with a 4x Multiplier.

For every successive Goblin that you match above the reels, you can increase its Multiplier’s value by 1x. Moreover, the Multiplier of the crowned Goblin is applied to the Goblin symbols that matched on the 1st reel only.


Once you spot an xBomb Booster barrel, it will create an explosion and wipe out almost all symbols in one position from the grid. The only symbols that can survive from this explosion are the Dead Wilds, Resurrection Wilds, and the red Scatter symbols. As these symbols remain unaffected on the grid, this explosion leaves some space for the Cascading symbols.

Every xBomb symbol that is currently present will expand the grid by 1 row in height or up to a maximum of 7 rows. This feature can also add 1 to a winning Multiplier during the Bonus Spins round and even the base game. Lastly, the reels reset into their standard height with 3 rows in between spins until you finished playing the game.

Fresh Meat Spins

If you think that the features of Evil Goblins xBomb end in the exploding xBomb Boosters, you’re wrong. You can still get a chance to activate its Fresh Meat Spins feature by landing 3 or 4 Scatter symbols. Once triggered, this feature will welcome you with 8 to 9 Fresh Meat Spins.

For every extra Scatter symbol you land, Evil Goblins xBomb will also reward you with an additional Bonus Spin. This means that your chances of triggering the Goblin Sacrifice as well as the xBomb Boosters features can be higher with this bonus. Most importantly, this can trigger the Evil 4 feature and upgrade it into Goblins Feast Bonus Spins.

Goblins Feast Bonus Spins

To activate the final and major feature of Evil Goblins xBomb, you need to land another set of 3 Scatter symbols. But that is not all since you also have to trigger the Evil 4 feature first on the same spin to trigger this feature. This can either give you Goblins Feast Bonus Spins or the Evil 4 feature while the Fresh Meat Spins feature is active.

Four Bonus Spins will start with the Evil 4 feature while it is active during the bonus round. All new Goblins that matched will also become sticky symbols and remain on the reels throughout the bonus feature. This is indicated by transforming the sticky Goblin symbols into skeletons and more Wilds are formed by forming matching symbols.

Also, each matching Goblin symbol that sticks on the reels increases the winning Multiplier by 1x. This triggers the Goblin Sacrifice with each matching symbol that is formed below and the number of spins resets to 4.

Explosive Mode

Within the Goblins Feast Bonus Spins, you can take advantage of the Explosive Mode by landing 2 xBomb symbols on the same spin. You can trigger the spin on either Bonus Spins above and be upgraded. Thus, this upgrade can give you an xBomb symbol on each spin.

Bonus Buy

Whenever you want to jump straight to the bonus rounds and save time instead of waiting for the right moment, buy your way. This Bonus Buy feature allows players to take part in different bonus games in an instant for extra fun. However, this exclusive feature costs 66x to 666x the stake to be activated.   

Evil Goblins xBomb RTP, betting and prizes

Evil Goblins xBomb can be played with a certain number of ways to win that start at 729. As you trigger more features, this can increase up to 1,024 ways to win. To start playing, you can bet a minimum of £0.20 or opt for up to a maximum of £100 on every spin. This slot has very high volatility and a default RTP that is set at 96.14%. On the other hand, this RTP may still vary depending on the casino operators’ preference.

Some casinos may offer this game with a 94.28% RTP only. To avoid being stuck in a version with a very low return, always check what RTP applies before you make a bet. This slot has a 40.47% hit frequency which is higher compared with most slots we reviewed which is a plus point. If you’re one of those lucky players, winning in this game can reward you a maximum amount that is worth 31,969x the stake.

This slot is built with a Cascading Win Mechanic that fuels its sequence of winning combinations that can trigger other features. This means that once a winning cluster is formed, the winning symbols explode and are removed from the reels. Thus, vacant positions are left for new symbols that fall from the Cascade. As long as a winning combination is formed, the Cascade will continue for a chance to hit more winnings.

The Cascades stop once winning symbols stopped appearing and all winnings are paid. Low-end symbols consist of Royals: A, K J, Q, and 10 that pay up to 0.9x the stake for 5 matching symbols. For high-end symbols, there are 5 different Goblins with red, gold, blue, green, and red frames. These character symbols pay 1x to 3x the stake for 5 matching symbols.


Evil Goblins xBomb is a slot game that is full of potential thanks to the help of its bonus features and extras. NoLimit City made sure that it is not only armed with high-quality visuals and sound effects but also a lot of action. Therefore, this game doesn’t really have a boring moment since even its base game is incorporated with bonus features.

From Multipliers to Bonus Spins and even a Bonus Buy feature, Evil Goblins xBomb got you covered. Thus, this slot might suit you if you are into highly volatile slots with lots of actions and rewards to unlock. The reels are always busy with few symbols but plenty of cool features.

What´s the RTP in Evil Goblins xBomb slot?

Evil Goblins xBomb slot RTP is: 96.14%

Which game provider released Evil Goblins xBomb?

Evil Goblins xBomb was developed by Nolimit City, which is known for its X-series games.

What´s the volatility in Evil Goblins xBomb?

Evil Goblins xBomb is a high volatility game.