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Have you entered a carnival before? Play ‘N Go is back with Golden Ticket 2 Slot which offers a bigger and better carnival experience. Packed with wonders, the Golden Ticket 2 is the improved version of Golden Ticket with a 1920s carnival theme. This game has a 5 x 5 reel configuration which contains Cascading symbols and lots of Multipliers to boost your chances of winning.

Unlike other slots, it has a Free Spins bonus round which comes with 3 extra spins and Wild Multiplier options. To trigger the Win Spin with 2 x 2 Multiplier Wilds, you just have to fill the meters. Thus, watch out for the Free Spins round and aim for the highest Multipliers. This highly volatile game has a 96.5% RTP and a maximum payout that can be 5,000x the total stake.

Min bet:£0.2
Max bet:£100
Max win:5000x
Release date:September, 2020
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Where to play Golden Ticket 2 slot

If you want to try Golden Ticket 2, try these top casinos:

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Slot design

From one of the favorite slot games for a long time, Golden Ticket 2 was born to relive the Golden Ticket. Golden Ticket 2 Slot is an improved version of the original Golden Ticket with better-looking graphics and animations. It also has additional characters that can keep you busy throughout your game sessions.

This Is How Golden Ticket 2 Slot Looks Like

There is the enigmatic Ringmaster as well as the sharpshooting knife thrower which can help you form winning combinations. Of course, there’s also the juggling clown inside and outside the grid. Once winning combos are formed, the matching symbols will explode. Unlike other games like the Piggy Riches, these symbols will be replaced by a Wild symbol to help you win again.

Slot features

Golden Ticket 2 Slot comes with 5 reels and 5 rows in the game area. This slot comes with 4 features that include Cascading symbols and Multipliers to help boost your rewards. There are even Multiplier Wilds which can be applied once you fill the circular meter on the left side of the screen.

If you are a fan of Free Spins, you can also get up to 3 extra spins with additional Wild Multiplier options. Once you filled the meter, you can activate and play the Win Spin feature with 2 x 2 Multiplier Wilds.

Cascading Symbols

To form a winning combination, you need 3 or more similar symbols that are adjacent to each other (horizontally or vertically). Once these symbols landed on the reels, the Cascading symbols feature will be triggered. All matching or winning symbols will then be removed from the grid while the remaining symbols continue to cascade down.

New symbols that drop will occupy the empty spaces on the grid and give you more chances to win. At the same time, your win Multiplier can increase by 1 each time you trigger the Cascading symbols. A Wild symbol can also appear in the position of the grid when a winning combo is removed from the reels.

The Wild symbol will only be removed once there are no other symbols left on the reels but Wilds. The Cascading symbols will also continue until no more winning combinations are formed.

Multiplier Wilds

Golden Ticket 2 Slot also features Multiplier Wilds which can be triggered by filling the Multiplier meter with 3 sections. You just need to land winning combinations that include high paying character symbols on the grid. There should be 3, 4, or 5 matching symbols that will fill the 1, 2, or 3-meter sections. You can get 1 or 2 Wild symbols that appear randomly around the grid once you fill the meter.

Regardless, each Wild links to a unique character symbol on the grid. Any symbol that is active in the grid can determine which Wild symbol you can see. Once a Multiplier Wild symbol lands, it can also increase the Win Multiplier more. Since there are 3 sections in the meter, the Multipliers range from 1x, 2x, to 3x. The size of these Multipliers can also become 1 x 1 or 2 x 2.

Lastly, the symbols in the grid automatically change every time the meter is filled. Thus, you can always have an additional chance to win once a new winning combo is formed.

Free Spins

One of the rows is selected as the bonus row every time you take a spin. Once the bonus row is clear, the Free Spins feature will be triggered. Then, you can choose 1 out of these 3 options:

  • 5 Free Spins with additional 3x Multiplier Wild
  • 7 Free Spins with additional 2x Multiplier Wild
  • 9 Free Spins with additional 1x Multiplier Wild

Wild Spin

Filling the circular meter on the left side of the grid with 3 sections can activate the Win Spins feature. This way, you can get a Win Spin Multiplier with a 2 x 2 size. The new grid with symbols will show up and the 2 x 2 Wild Multiplier will randomly appear on the game area. This will then trigger the Wi Multiplier to reset between the Free Spin and the Win Spin.

Once the meter with 5 sections is filled, it will reactivate the Win Spin feature with the selected 2 x 2 Multiplier Wild. This will not reset the Win Multiplier between consecutive winnings so the value of the Multiplier will also remain.

Betting and prizes

The Golden Ticket 2 Slot has a total of 20 fixed pay lines where each player can bet a minimum of 20p. For highrollers, the game accepts a maximum amount of £100 bet on each spin. With a 5 x 5 cascading grid layout, winning combinations can be formed by matching 3 or more symbols. Just like other slots, the game also has an Auto Play option where you can adjust the number of spins.

This option allows players to set the facility up to 100 Auto Spins. It is up to you to stop the feature when a bonus feature is activated or a winning combination is formed. You can also stop the Auto Spins once you reached your target winning amount. There is an available increase and decrease the limit which you can adjust anytime.

Aside from this, the Golden Ticket 2 Slot also has a 96.5% RTP which makes it one of the average paying games. Classed as 10/10 by Play ’N Go, this slot is also designed with high volatility with a 3.5% house edge. Together with its bonus features, the maximum payout of Golden Ticket 2 Slot is up to 5,000x the total stale.

About Play’N Go

Established in 2005, Play ‘N Go is one of the leading suppliers of slot games in the casino industry. In fact, Play ‘N Go is also one of the first software suppliers that were known for mobile casino games. The company is managed by Play ‘N Go Malta Limited with license and certification programs. It also has 15 jurisdictions in Europe and strong connections with casino operators worldwide.

Now, the company has more than 100 popular games that were released and played in different online casinos. With over a decade of experience, Play ‘N Go utilizes the latest technology to create the best gaming entertainment.

Final words

Combined with a good set of bonus features and high-quality graphics, Golden Ticket 2 Slot is indeed worth a try. It is a nice alternative if you want a game with cascading symbols and multiple Free Spins round. This game allows players to choose the Multipliers and how much they want to win which other slots don’t offer.

Its features provide insights on how much players are willing to risk on each spin to achieve the highest payout. You can simply sit still and wait for the Auto Spin to finish or fill the Multiplier meters manually. Regardless, the best way to win here is to focus on the Multipliers and be brave to take a bigger risk. Golden Ticket 2 Slot has a high RTP and maximum payment but it is still a highly volatile game.