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As we have just recently started to make video reviews on new slots, we did not want to wait for long to make the second one. Review number two is about Play´n Go: Gunslinger Reloaded, a slot which was published very recently

Is the slot worthy of your time? Do we think that we have already seen everything when it comes to Western themes? After all, it kind of feels like that Western stuff is being stuffed in to our brains. Why not, it presents freedom, guns, whiskey etc. Everything else that sitting on the couch and being useless (like some of us sometimes are). I am pretty sure that people had days like that too even in the 1800´s.

So, take a look at our Gunslinger Reloaded review to see, whether the game is a good one or a total disaster. To find a casino where to play, check our Play´n Go page for all casinos that are supplied with their slots.

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