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Tale Of Kyubiko Slot Review

Foxes are interesting solitary animals that surprisingly have a quite long relationship with humans. Thus, we’re not surprised to encounter a game that is inspired by Japan’s mythology that involves a fox. Play’n GO used the Tale of Kyubiko to introduce a Japanese deity that is mentioned in the Shinto religion. She is the deity that grants prosperity while protecting agriculture, industry, blacksmiths, and of course, foxes.

Thus, Tale of Kyubiko is a game that is filled with elements that are related to Japanese culture. Play’n GO chose a smaller grid only that is also paired with a small number of pay lines. It is not for players who are looking for Bonus Spins and other mind-blowing features but it has decent features and rewards.

RTP:84.29% – 96.29%
Min bet:£0.1
Max bet:£100
Max win:2,250x
Release date:January 6, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐

Where to play Tale of Kyubiko slot

Below you´ll find the UK online casinos list, where you can play Tale of Kyubiko slot with the available casino bonuses:

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Tale of Kyubiko slot design

Tale of Kyubiko is a video slot that is inspired by Japanese culture. Available in multiple gaming devices across mobile phones, tablets, and desktops, this Play’n Go slot features the Goddess of Fortune Inari. In case you are wondering, Inari is known as the shapeshifting goddess in Japan that uses the fox to symbolize her. This goddess can take the form of a human or a fox.

Inari is also known as a mischievous spirit that shows herself to late-night travelers. She lures the lucky travelers to her lair and where humans can get a chance to see her mystic treasures. But in the original tale, they didn’t mention what Inari does to the people she lures in her lair. Going back to the game, Tale of Kyubiko has a reel that is set on a frame that looks like a temple.

Tale of Kyubiko features different types of lanterns as its low-paying symbols. There is a blue Spade Lantern, Heart Lantern, Club Lantern, and a Diamond Lantern. For its high-paying symbols, Tale of Kyubiko features the Frog, Duck, and Monkey together with its Inari Wild and Inari Stacked Wild symbols. One of the special symbols in this game shows the Kitsune Mask which is also referred to as the Fox Mask.

Many people in Japan use it during festivals to show their respect to the fox. Fox is respected in Japan since it is associated with the god Inari who is also known as the protector of rice cultivation. Still, Kitsune masks are worn by those who participate in the Shinto festivals or those who just attend the festival for fun.

Tale of Kyubiko features

Based on the typical style of Play’n GO, Tale of Kyubiko is loaded with a couple of features that kick in the game. With 3 reels and 3 rows in the grid, the reels are placed at the center of the screen with control buttons below. Aside from the regular paying symbols, Tale of Kyubiko also features not just one but two Wild symbols. This slot also comes with Inari’s Dance and Inari’s Fortune so let’s see how all these features go together in the gameplay.

Wild Symbol

Tale of Kyubiko has a Wild symbol that is showcased in the form of Kitsune Mask or the Fox Mask. The mask is associated with a deity known as Inari who is symbolized by the fox animal. Thus, the game’s Inari Wild symbol can appear on the reel to substitute for all paying symbols from the paytable. At the same time, the Inari Wild winnings with 3 matching symbols pay up to 10x the stake on each spin.

Inari Stacked Wild

From the Fox Mask or Inari Wild symbol, you can get the Inari Stacked Wild. This is also known as the Expanding Wild symbol that shows the goddess Inari in her silver fox form. But similar to the ordinary Inari Wild symbol, the Inari Stacked Wild symbol also substitutes for all regular paying symbols. But if a winning cluster is formed, the Inari Stacked Wild symbol triggers the Respin feature. At the same time, this stacked symbol moves to a random reel in the grid.

Inari’s Dance

Next to the Inari Stacked Wild symbol is Inari’s Dance feature. Each winning combination that involves the Inari Stacked Wild symbol activates the Respin feature. But the cool thing about this feature is that it includes an increasing Multiplier that can grow up to 25x the stake. Each Respin you take also moves the Inari Stacked Wild symbol into a random position in the reels.

You will also notice that the symbol changes in the grid from the silver fox to Inari’s gorgeous human form. You can monitor the current value of your Multiplier that is displayed on the left side of the reels. This gradually increases from 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, to 25x the stake. The growth of Multiplier automatically stops once you use up all your available Respins. 

Inari’s Fortune

You can rely on Inari’s Fortune to make the most of Tale of Kyubiko’s rewards. Take note, Inari is the Stacked Wild symbol that can land partially or fully in view. But if the goddess appeared partially in view, you can have a chance to Nudge the symbol. This Stacked Wild symbol can cover the entire reel if you form a winning cluster.

Tale of Kyubiko RTP, betting and prizes

Tale of Kyubiko has 5 pay lines only which are smaller than most slot games in the industry. But even though many slots offer even thousands of pay lines, this doesn’t mean that Tale of Kyubiko is left behind. In contrast to what other players may assume, Tale of Kyubiko is a medium variance slot only with a 5 out of 10 ratings. This means that it has a math model that is less risky despite having less number of pay lines.

When it comes to its return ratings, Tale of Kyubiko has a default 96.29% RTP. But beware since this return rating can also drop to its secondary values that range from 94.29%, 91.29% to 87.29%. You can skip the frustration of falling into these lower versions by checking the help files first thing. All winning combinations here are paid from left to right and only the highest winnings are paid on each pay line. 

You can start playing Tale of Kyubiko by betting a minimum of £0.10 or up to a maximum of £100 per spin. The game comes with an AutoPlay button that you can click next to the huge Play button. This option offers a set of spin options that you can choose from instead of spinning the reels manually throughout the game. As for its payouts, the maximum payout that you can win from this slot is up to 2,250x your total bet.

Tale of Kyubiko’s paying symbols consists of the multi-colored Lanterns and different animals. Starting with the low-value symbols, this slot pays 0.1x, 0.2x, 0.3x, to 0.4x the stake for landing 3 matching Lantern symbols. Meanwhile, its high-value animal symbols pay 2x, 5x, and 8x the stake for 3 matching symbols. Its winning combinations with the Inari Wild symbols pay 10x the stake which is the highest paying symbol in the paytable.


Tale of Kyubiko is a very simple game when compared with other Play’n Go games that we reviewed. It doesn’t have many features that can surprise you but it is still solid gameplay. Play’n GO used the Goddess of Fortune Inari from Japan’s mythology as the game’s theme which is a little refreshing to look at. We always see games that are inspired by Chinese culture and rarely see games that are inspired by Japanese culture.

Regardless, Tale of Kyubiko is a bit strange since it only requires 3 matching symbols to form a winning combination. It has very few ways to win and required matching symbols but the studio didn’t leave its animations behind. It has high-quality visuals and animations with straightforward gameplay. If you’re fine with simple slots that don’t give Bonus Spins, Tale of Kyubiko might work for you.

What´s the RTP in Tale of Kyubiko slot?

Tale of Kyubiko RTP starts at 84.29% and it can go up to 96.29% depending on where you are playing the game.

What´s the volatility in Tale of Kyubiko?

Tale of Kyubiko is a medium volatility game.

Which game provider released Tale of Kyubiko?

Tale of Kyubiko is made by Play´n GO, which is one of the most-known game providers.