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The Last Sundown Slot Review And RTP

Jumping forward to the future, The Last Sundown will take you to the final days on earth with its apocalyptic theme. The story shows the new face of the Earth where everything that can be seen in the landscape scream wasteland. No more abundant resources that we used to enjoy since the warlords Tuco and Lauro have taken control of all the remaining resources.

Meanwhile, our heroes Rae and Devin made a plan to overthrow them and reclaim all resources from the tyrannic warlords. Thus, it is up to you to help our heroes and bring justice to what’s left on Earth while facing challenges.’

Min bet:£0.1
Max bet:£50
Max win:36,000x
Release date:November 11, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Last Sundown slot design

The Last Sundown is a video slot with a futuristic and post-apocalyptic theme. This game will give us a look at the Earth’s future wherein people and even animals have evolved like cyborgs. On the positive note of the prediction spectrum. Players have that “Hegelian” viewpoint where the thesis generates the antithesis that results in a higher and richer synthesis.

This includes the world that is displayed ascending to a higher level through the self-realization process. On the opposite side, The Last Sundown shows our shattered future wherein different catastrophic events led humanity to act like Mad Max. Gone are the days where everyone can go out to work or enjoy their social life since they have to fight to survive. The survival of the fittest has reached a higher level in a world where civilization no longer exists.

Play’n GO did well in showing how the story goes from characters reclaiming resources to surviving until The Last Sundown. Set upon a sandy landscape, this game might remind you of the Water World film although its story is set on land. Even its burning sun behind the reels highlights the theme of the game and what is left on Earth.

So, the reels are filled with different weapons like Knife, Axe, Pistol, Grenade, and Gun as low-paying symbols. Its premium on the other hand includes the cyborg Dog, and the main characters like Lauro, Tuco, Devin, and Rae. There is also a golden Wild and Medical Kit Scatter symbol.

The Last Sundown features

The bonus features of The Last Sundown Slot are packed in its grid with 5 reels and 3 rows. Unlike its title, its future is not that complicated wherein players have a chance to encounter Splitting symbols and Bonus Spins. As the game focuses on the Splitting symbols, players can take advantage of its increased number of ways to win. So, keep reading to know how these symbols can affect the Bonus Spins in the gameplay.

Wild Symbols

Before we head to the major features of The Last Sundown, let’s take a quick look at one of its special symbols first. The Wild symbols can appear on the reels of The Last Sundown and come as a handy addition in the winning combinations. As a common function of Wild symbols, the game’s Wild can also help you form more winning combinations throughout the game.

This special symbol can substitute to other regular paying symbols except for the Scatter which is another special symbol on the reels. Recognized as a golden “W” icon, the Wild symbol can land anywhere around the grid.

Scatter Symbols

The Scatter on the other hand is recognized as the Medical Kit on the reels. As mentioned above, this is the only symbol that can’t be replaced by the Wild symbol as one of the special symbols. It is also the key to the bonus round once you meet the required number of Scatter symbols on a single spin.

Splitting Symbols

Aside from the “W” Wild and Medical kit Scatter symbol, the first major bonus feature in The Last Sundown is the Splitting symbol. The Splitting symbols can occur during the base game and be activated as 1 symbol is randomly selected. Once the Splitting symbol is selected, similar symbols on the reels will be split into 2 symbols each time the selected symbol appears.

Using the Splitting symbol feature, you can have up to 6 symbols on each reel. This means that even the number of ways to win can increase as you get more symbols that split. From the default number of ways to win, players can enjoy up to 7,776 ways.

Bonus Spins

As the major feature of The Last Sundown, you can take advantage of the Bonus Spins feature which can be triggered by Scatters. Just land 3 or more Medical kit Scatter symbols during the base game and this bonus feature will give you 8 Bonus Spins. Depending on the number of triggering Scatters you land, you can also expect an instant reward that varies according to the following:

  • 3 Scatter Symbols = 5x the stake
  • 4 Scatter Symbols = 10x the stake
  • 5 Scatter Symbols = 50x the stake

Aside from getting the initial Bonus Spins, 2 things can also happen during this bonus round. It is either you trigger Splitting Symbols so another Splitting symbol is randomly selected in this round or trigger the Collection. The Collection selects another symbol randomly to be collected. Each time the collection symbol appears, the collector is filled by 1.

The more symbols you collect the more, the more symbols can split for the rest of the Bonus Spins. Moreover, each symbol comes with different requirements:

  • Weapon Symbols = 6 collection
  • Character Symbols = 5 collection
  • Wild Symbols = 4 collection

You will receive 3 Bonus Spins for each collection you complete and a newly selected symbol to be collected. This means that you can have 33 additional Bonus Spins which will give you a total of 43 Bonus Spins.

The Last Sundown RTP, betting and prizes

This slot can be played with default pay lines that offer 243 ways to win where the reels can have 3. But with the help of its bonus features and up to 6 symbols, players can play with 7,776 ways to win. The more symbols there are on each reel, the more ways to win can be activated in the game. Winning combinations are formed whenever there are 3 or more matching symbols that land on a single spin from left to right.

Each spin is playable with £0.10 to £50 stake which can be adjusted by using the – or + buttons on the betting section. You can also choose from the 5 available bet levels below the reels. Depending on the players’ exact location, they can also opt for the AutoPlay and Lightning mode for a faster pace. When it comes to the RTP, The Last Sundown is offered in various return to player percentages but the default one is 96.20%.

This is still considered an above average than other slots. However, other operators may also offer this game at lower rates such as 94.20%, 91.20%, 87.20%, or even as low as 84.20%. If you don’t want to end up with these lower RTP ratings then be sure to check it before betting your real money. As for its volatility, The Last Sundown has high volatility that is set at 8 out of 10 by Play’n GO.

On the other hand, the maximum jackpot that the lucky players can win is up to 36,000x the stake per spin. Also, the chances of hitting this winning prize are 1 out of 1,000,000,000 spins. Checking out its paytable, the symbols are divided between those with low and high values. The low-paying weapon symbols pay 0.1x to 0.8x the stake for landing 3 to 5 matching symbols. Meanwhile, its high-paying symbols pay 0.3x to 5x the stake for 3 to 5 matching symbols.


Following the Shimmering Woods from Play’n GO, The Last Sundown shows some key changes in the gameplay between the 2 games. Another major difference that we noticed in the game include the game’s window dressing and its darker theme than the developer’s previous game. Regardless, this still suits The Last Sundown’s theme that is combined with a higher level of volatility even though the RTP is similar.

Overall, the gameplay of The Last Sundown is simple yet entertaining from the base round up to the bonus round. Unlike Shimmering Woods, this slot does not have Cascading Reels and its Win Multipliers. Thus, you have to rely more on the collecting feature of the game. However, this slot maintained its Splitting symbols and plenty of ways to win but with a higher maximum win. Thus, players can enjoy its rewards more per spin.

What´s the RTP in The Last Sundown slot?

The Last Sundown RTP is 96.20%. However, depending on the casino, the RTP can go as low as 84.20%.

What´s the volatility in The Last Sundown?

The Last Sundown is a high volatility game.

Which game provider released The Last Sundown?

The Last Sundown comes from the famous Play´n GO game provider.