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Piggy Bank Bills Slot Review

Have you ever tried saving some extra money in a piggy bank? For some, the idea of the pink savings boxes seems childish and out of style. But for Pragmatic Play, it’s a classic way to introduce an innovative slot with a fun theme. Piggy Bank Bills is a high variance slot with an average RTP.

Played as a 9-line slot machine, you can win a decent payout especially with Bonus Spins. However, its maximum jackpot is still not that huge compared with other high variance slots. Thus, triggering its Multipliers and Bonus Spins are the best way to maximize its rewards.

Min bet:£0.25
Max bet:£175
Max win:5,000x
Release date:October 7, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐

Piggy Bank Bills slot design

Design-wise, Piggy Bank Bills slot is a fun slot with outstanding graphics and animation. Designed as a pig-themed slot, it delivers smooth gameplay to satisfy its players. It has a touch of classic elements on it but Pragmatic Play decided to make it more unique. Instead of copying other slots with the same theme, Pragmatic made it more creative using its stamp and bills.

Pragmatic Play: Piggy Bank Bills Slot

The screen is almost covered by the grid with a slight space that shows the green background. If this doesn’t smell money already, you can also check out its stack of money that gives it a golden glow. Of course, the grid has a golden frame to make it look more luxurious. Contrary to what other players think, this game prefers showing off its bills that represent different types of elite-looking pigs.

Apparently, you won’t see any piggy bank to break in this game. Thus, you can focus on collecting bills and multiplying them using the special features.

Piggy Bank Bills features

Piggy Bank Bills is quite an unusual slot game that shows a classic feature in its grid with 6 reels and 3 rows. It has Wilds, Scatters, Bonus Spins, and other features that can trigger more actions throughout the gameplay. Of course, expect a lot of hogs and bills popping on the reels so let’s go through its features below one at a time.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbols can land on the reels and replace or substitute for other regular symbols to help you form more winning combinations. The Wild symbol looks like a green ticket that has a huge WILD logo in the middle and on both sides. The only symbol that it can’t replace on the reels is the Scatter since it is also a special symbol.

This wild symbol can be paired with one of the symbols that looks like a bill. As a result, the value of that current bill that shows will be paid. But if you land 2 Wild symbols that are combined, both Wilds will create a randomized bill size.

Scatter Symbol

Aside from the Wild symbol, another special symbol that you can expect in Piggy Bank Bills is the Scatter symbol. Unlike the Wild symbol, the Scatter symbol looks more like a pink bill with a huge FREE GAMES logo in the middle. It also has a small Free Games logo on each corner. The Scatter symbol plays an important role in the bonus round and the number of Bonus Spins you can get.

Piggy Features

In most cases, the base game doesn’t include exciting features and animations since they are typically reserved for the bonus round. But in Piggy Bank Bills, there are 3 modifiers or Piggy features that can be triggered randomly during the base game. These modifiers include the following:

  • Piggy Win = once you spin the reels and the Piggy Win stopped, the Piggy symbol can land. At the same time, it can transform 2 or more losing combos into winning combos.
  • Piggy Bonus = this Piggy Bonus symbol can land randomly and give you a chance to enjoy the Bonus Spins feature.
  • Piggy Wilds = this Piggy modifier can randomly put 2, 3, or 4 Wild symbols on the grid.

Whenever you feel like the base game bores you, you can always strike these 3 special modifiers and trigger more actions.

Bonus Spins

Similar to most slot games, the Scatter symbol is the key to trigger it. In this game, you just need to land 1 or more complete Scatter bills to enter the bonus round. But depending on the number of Scatter symbols you completed, these are the perks you can get:

  • 1 complete Scatter bill = this Scatter gives 8 Bonus Spins.
  • 2 complete Scatter bills = these Scatter symbols reward 8 Bonus Spins and eliminate the current lowest paying bill on the grid.
  • 3 complete Scatter bills = these Scatters also reward 8 Bonus Spins and eliminated 2 lowest paying bills that are currently present on the grid.

While the Bonus Spins feature is active, the lowest paying symbol that is currently present on the grid can be eliminated. But the exciting part of this feature is that Multipliers can land on the bill symbols to boost their value. Depending on your luck, the value of Multipliers can vary between 2x and 3x that is attached to any win within the feature.

If 2 Multipliers landed on a bill symbol, both Multipliers will be multiplied by each other. The product of both Multipliers will be automatically applied to your current win which included the bill.

Piggy Bank Bills RTP, betting and prizes

Piggy Bank Bills can be played as a 9-line machine where the winning combinations can be formed in a more unusual way. You can also play this slot in various compatible devices for a bet that ranges between £0.20 and £100 per spin. Simply click the – or + buttons next to the Spin button to adjust your preferred stake on any spin.

A winning combination is formed each time 2 matching parts of bill symbols are paired to complete a bill. This means that the symbols should land side by side to show the complete bill that creates a profit. A single spin can complete more than a single bill and all their values will be paid by Piggy Bank Bills. As for the percentage of returns you can expect from playing Piggy Bank Bills, it has an average RTP of 96.5%.

However, its level of volatility is high which falls under the maximum score of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Hitting the winning combination and activating the game’s feature can help you win a maximum of 5,000x on each spin. When it comes to the paytable, there are different banknotes that also show their value for payouts. Thus, the banknotes pay with the value they show multiplied by their total stake.

  • 0.25x Banknote = Pays 0.25x your total stake
  • 0.5x Banknote = Pays 0.5x your total stake
  • 1x Banknote = Pays 1x your total stake
  • 2x Banknote = Pays 2x your total stake
  • 5x Banknote = Pays 5x your total stake
  • 10x Banknote = Pays 10x your total stake
  • 20x Banknote = Pays 20x your total stake
  • 50x Banknote = Pays 50x your total stake
  • 100x Banknote = Pays 100x your total stake
  • 1000x Banknote = Pays 1000x your total stake

Aside from these banknotes, there are also Wild symbols and Scatter symbols that can accompany you throughout the gameplay.


Compared with other slot machines we reviewed, Piggy Bank Bills Slot is surprisingly stylish. Far from the simple piggy banks, we expected to see, Pragmatic Play gave us a more entertaining game with unique visuals. Even though it may not appeal to all kinds of players, this slot is worth some credit for using a more creative style.

Piggy Bank Bills’ unique way of forming winning combinations is interesting. Even if the major feature has solid Bonus Spins where you can get rid of low-paying bills. This is a cool way of boosting your way to bigger payouts with higher-paying symbols. Thus, Piggy Bank Bills is a nice choice if you’re into highly volatile slots with decent payouts.

What´s the RTP in Piggy Bank Bills slot?

Piggy Bank Bills slot is RTP is at 96.5%.

Which game provider released Piggy Bank Bills?

Piggy Bank Bills was developed by Pragmatic Play, which is a famous game provider.

What´s the volatility in Piggy Bank Bills?

Piggy Bank Bills is considered as a high volatility game.