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Dead Man´s Trail Slot Review

The voyage to the Dead Man’s Trail is now open for the brave souls who are seeking an adventure! This pirate-themed slot from Relax Gaming will take you to across seas to an unmapped destination to find some treasure. Together with other fierce-looking pirates, get ready to adjust your sails to reach your direction while the salt air touches your sunburned skin.

Thus, Dead Man’s Trail is an interesting slot with a high volatility and jackpot prize. Aside from excellent graphics and animations, this slot also has a lot of actions that are waiting for you.

RTP: 96.29% – 98%
Min bet:£0.1
Max bet:£20
Max win:50,000x
Release date:September 7, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dead Man’s Trail slot design

Dead Man´s Trail Slot Is A Very Good Looking Game

Dead Man’s Trail is a pirate-themed game that will take you on a more realistic and thrilling adventure. Together with other pirates who seek fortune, you can attest if the legend about the treasure is true. Therefore, only the brave people who have the courage to face challenges and follow the Dead Man’s Trail can last.

Although the theme is not really unique anymore, Relax Gaming made sure that it can impress players with its looks. This game has undoubtedly excellent graphics even though some symbols are not that complicated. Even its background sound is on point so you can really immerse yourself in the game and its characters.

Dead Man’s Trail features

Dead Man´s Trail Comes from Relax Gaming

Dead Man’s Trail comes with 5 reels and 4 rows where standard and premium symbols circulate. When it comes to the features, Dead Man’s Trail also has 2 extras that can help you improve your gaming experience. The first one is the Coin feature which can pop during the base game and the second one is the Dead Man’s Trail Bonus. The second feature can be activated normally with the help of key symbols or even bought if available.

Wild Symbol

Before we jump to the main feature, let’s take a look at the Wild symbol first that also plays an important role. Other slot machines usually come up with a more creative symbol to stand out as a Wild. But in Dead Man’s Trail, Relax Gaming opted for a very simple symbol that players can easily spot, a golden capital “W”.

It’s not the most attractive symbol on the reels but it is worth checking out. This Wild symbol functions as a substitute symbol to help you create more winning combinations. However, it can’t replace the Scatter symbols similar to other slot machines.

Bonus Symbol/Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol is one of the most significant symbols on the reels since it can trigger the Trail Bonus feature. Although the Scatter symbol can’t be replaced by the Wild symbol, it can still be a big help in hitting a win. The Scatter symbol is represented by the creepy pirate ship with a Bonus logo on it.

Coin Feature

This Coin feature is a basic feature or extra that adds a little bit of variety to the base game. Throughout the gameplay, you will see a special Coin symbol that may appear on the reels. This special symbol has an attached bet Multiplier value that can also help boost your payouts.

If the Coins appeared on at least 3 different reels at the same spin, you will be reward with their total value. This means that you can get bigger rewards if you get more Coin symbols especially if they also have big Multiplier value.

Trail Bonus

Now for the main feature of the game, Dead Man’s Trail has the Trail Bonus where you need the Scatter symbols. You need to land at least 3 or more Scatter symbols to trigger this bonus feature for a chance to bigger wins.

Once this feature is triggered, the reels will be cleared to show a map that contains 37 tiles. There are 1 to 9 steps that connect each destination so be careful once you started walking. Once you landed on a tile, a feature will be triggered to give a variety of conditions in the game. The map includes these 4 normal tiles that you can land on while the Trail Bonus is on:

  • Normal Tile = this provides a visible value that is based on the size of your bet
  • Start Tile = this will automatically reset the special action
  • End Tile = this tile puts an end to the feature but will reward your total win
  • Mystery Chest = this special tile will activate special actions that range between 1 to 11

From the numerous special actions that the Mystery Chest can trigger, you can get any of the following:

  • Scout = this special action adds 100x to 1000x Multiplier to a random normal tile
  • Commander = this special action adds smaller values which range between 3x and 5x to all normal tiles
  • One-Eye = this action will multiply 2x to 5x with a normal tile. This is also repeated from 2 to 4 times
  • Collector = this action will collect all attached values from the normal tiles and this collected value is added to your total winnings
  • Reset = this action will replace all End tiles in the map with normal tiles
  • Collect and Command = this will collect all attached values from the normal tiles. Then, its summed-up value will be displayed on the normal tiles together with your total win
  • Super Reset = this is the only action tile that can replace all End tiles with temporary Mystery chests
  • Coin Win = this will add a random Coin win that is worth 25x to 50x to your total wins
  • Persistent Scout = as its name suggests, this works as the scout. But the only difference is that it is triggered at every round
  • Persistent One-Eye = clearly, this works as the One-Eye special action. However, it also acts at the end of each round so you will see it regularly
  • Persistent Commander = this works as the Commander which is also triggered at each round

Among these special actions, the Scout, One-Eye, and Commander can upgrade their individual actions. They just have to add their displayed value to the value of an active persistent action. Once you have taken part in normal tiles or mystery chests, these will turn into End tiles. Every normal tile has a maximum limit of up to 10,000x only.

Bonus Buy

To maximize the benefits of the Trail Bonus directly, the fastest way to achieve it is by using the Bonus Buy. This instant feature costs 100x your stake to be activated. At the same time, this Bonus Buy feature boosts the default RTP from 96.29% to 98%.

Dead Man’s Trail RTP, betting and prizes

The game Dead Man’s Trail has 40 active lines where you can bet a minimum of £0.10. For a chance to hit bigger payouts, you can increase your bets up to a maximum of £20 on each spin. This betting range made this slot a good option for those who want to play a good slot even with a low stake. This game also proved that you don’t always need to make a huge stake just to hit the highest jackpot.

Unlike other Relax Gaming slots, Dead Man’s Trail may seem a little odd but it has the same stats that the studio use. This includes the game’s level of volatility which is set at high. This may lead you to think that you already found the exact location of the X on the map. But since this is a risky slot, the strong wind can easily blow away your treasure map before you even reach it. Regardless, Dead Man’s Trail has an average RTP that is set at 96.29%.

Depending on your bet and your triggered feature, your winnings can vary between regular wins, big wins, mega wins, and epic wins. Looking at the paytable, there are 8 symbols to keep an eye on. Of course, the symbols are split in two between 4 premium symbols and 4 Royals. You need at least 3, 4, or 5 matching symbols to land a winning combination.

The premium symbols include pirate characters with different colors in the background that pays between 0.30x to 30x the stake. There’s a man with an eye patch, an old man with a gold coin, a bald man with 2 blades, and a bad-ass woman. Meanwhile, the low-paying symbols include the J, Q, A, and K symbols that pay 0.10x to 3x the stake per spin. The lowest-paying symbol is the capital J while the most valuable symbol is the bald man with double broad swords.

Landing a winning combination in this game and activating its bonus features can lead you to the jackpot that is 50,000x your stake. This can be converted into £1,000,000 cash to prove the value of its treasures.

Where to play Dead Man´s Trail

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Dead Man’s Trail conclusion

Dead Man’s Trail introduced a new side of Relax Gaming that caters to a wide range of slot players. Compared with their usual cartoon-style slots with a light atmosphere, Relax Gaming opted for a more realistic and dramatic style here. Despite the nasty impression of some of the characters on the reels, Dead Man’s Trail has a pleasant visual effect.

The studio took its time in putting details not just on the reels but also in its backdrop. Therefore, its visual alone can satisfy a lot of players especially those who are into pirate-themed games. Dead Man’s Trail doesn’t have a lot of symbols so you won’t get lost in the adventure. Despite being a highly volatile game with an average RTP, Dead Man’s Trail has an impressive jackpot prize. It also has a lot of features, not to mention its special actions which caught our attention.

What´s the RTP in Dead Man´s Trail slot?

Dead Man´s Trail slot has a 96.29% RTP but with a bonus buy it rises to 98%.

Which game provider released Dead Man´s Trail?

Dead Man´s Trail comes from Relax Gaming.

What´s the volatility in Dead Man´s Trail?

Dead Man´s Trail is considered as a high volatility slot.