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Helios´ Fury Slot Review And RTP

Relax Gaming brought Helios’ Fury to life to bring players closer to the deity of sun. In this slot that is dedicated to the Greek deity, you can take a trip back to ancient Greece and unveil its true powers. From an average RTP and hit frequency, Helios’ Fury has an impressively massive jackpot prize. Thus, it can still be fun even though most of its features are pretty mediocre.

Min bet:£0.1
Max bet:£20
Max win:50,000x
Release date:October 6, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Helios’ Fury slot design

Helios’ Fury is designed with a Greek theme that is very noticeable from its title to its visuals. In case you are wondering, the name Helio came from the Greek term helios which means sun. Helios is the god of sun according to Greek Mythology. As a god, Helios is well known for riding his chariot to bring the sun into the sky each day from east to west.

Helios´ Fury Slot Review

In Greek Mythology, they referred to it as Ethiopia and Hesperides. At night, Helios enjoys his journey back to Ethiopia while lounging in a golden cup that is huge enough to fit him. But in this game, the invaders accidentally brought his giant statue to life where he stands by the water. This may remind you of the Statue of Liberty since he is also holding a burning torch.

As a result, the invaders need to face Helios’ Fury in this slot. The grid is filled with symbols that show the influence of Greek Mythology together with other classic symbols.

Helios’ Fury features

Helios’ Fury is a video slot with 5 reels and 3 rows only. If you want to make the most of its prizes, you can hop onboard on Helios’ chariot and ride with us. It is one of those games that deliver common features in gameplay. Still, it offered an overall game experience and the rewards can be satisfying too so let’s take a closer look at them one by one.

Wild Symbols

Helios’ Fury has a Wild symbol that can set sail on the reels and accompany you on your adventure. This special symbol is represented by a ship with a huge “W” on the sail. This ship Wild symbol can help you create more winning combinations by replacing all other symbols on the reels.

Wild Re-Spins

Since the Wild symbols can replace other regular symbols on the reels, the chances of forming a winning combination are higher. Once the ship Wild symbol became part of a winning combination, the Wild Re-Spin feature will be activated. In this feature, the ship Wild will automatically move one position to the right side of the reels.

This action will continue as long there is a new winning combination that is formed on each round. The Wild Re-Spins may also stop once you triggered the Bonus Spins feature which is the major feature of Helios’ Fury. This applies to all the winning combinations that involve the ship, Wilds. If you land more ship Wild symbols, only one of those symbols will move a single position for the Re-Spin round.

Fury Bonus Spins

Normally, the Bonus Spins round can be triggered by landing 3 or more Scatter symbols during the same spin. But in Helios’ Fury, you will be able to see a single Scatter symbol on the reels. This is mainly because Helios’ Fury doesn’t need a Scatter symbol to trigger the bonus round. Thus, this bonus round is quite interesting to witness.

In this game, you have to keep an eye on the ship Wild symbol which plays an important role in this feature. Once the ship Wild symbol finally moved to the final reel and formed a winning combination, this bonus feature will automatically be triggered. This feature rewards 6 Bonus Spins as well as a Wild symbol that is placed in the middle of the 1st reel.

At the same time, you will get 2 extra rows to extend the grid and activate more ways to win. Once the Bonus Spins started rolling, the ship Wild symbol will continue moving to the right side of the grid. After all, your main goal in this round is to move the Wild symbol to the right until it reached the hot spot. Once the Wild reached the 5th reel/hot spot, you will get an extra spin and the Wild will become a sticky symbol.

But if the reels are filled with Wild symbols, the hot spot will be moved to the left side of the reels. The Wild can move anywhere on the left adjacent position where there are no Wild symbols.

Bonus Buy

In case you want to take advantage of the bonus round in an instant, Helios’ Fury has an available Bonus Buy feature. Clicking this feature allows players to buy their way into the Bonus Spins round without waiting for the ship Wild to trigger it. On the other hand, this feature is available for a cost that is 90x the stake.

Buying your way into the bonus round will instantly give you 6 Bonus Spins without a sweat. But the best part of maximizing this feature is that the RTP of the game also increases for better payouts.

Helios’ Fury RTP, betting and prizes

As for the betting and prizes, Helios’ Fury has 99 pay lines that can pay your winning symbols. But with the help of the bonus features and extras of Helios’ Fury, the number of ways to win in this slot can still increase. For instance, triggering the Bonus Spins will increase its number of connected ways to 259.

You can play this game with as low as £0.10 or up to £20 as the maximum bet on each spin. You can form a winning combination with at least 3 or more matching symbols. When it comes to the returns that you can expect, Helios’ Fury has a default 96.27% RTP. This is slightly higher than other slots with an average RTP especially once the Bonus Buy feature is selected. From the default RTP, it increases up to 97%.

This slot also has a 23.98% hit frequency which we considered as on the average level. On the other hand, take note that Helios’ Fury is a highly volatile slot game. This means that the chances of winning are not that frequent but hitting the jackpot can give you a satisfying reward. For instance, the maximum value that you can win from Helios’ Fury can be up to 50,000x your stake if you’re lucky.

In case you are curious about its paytable, its low-paying symbols include the 4 card suits: diamonds, clubs, spades, hearts, and stars. Landing 5 of these matching symbols can pay you 1x your stake. There are also high-paying symbols that include the sword, shield, helmet, and horn. Landing 5 of these premium symbols will pay you 5x to 20x can stake.

But among these symbols, the Spartans’ helmet can already pay you 1x your bet for matching 2 symbols only. The most generous symbol is the Wild symbol which can pay you 20x your stake for matching 5 Wilds in a single spin.


After checking out Helios’ Fury, we can say that this slot is very simple gameplay that is easy to play. It has that calming vibe starting from the base game where the number of ways to win starts at 99 connected ways. Thus, your spins can lead to minor but decent winnings. Similar to other slot games, it has a handy Wild symbol which seems to be the busiest symbol on the grid.

However, the twist in its function and role in the bonus round made it more interesting. Instead of relying on a Scatter symbol like most slots, Relax Gaming innovates the Wild symbol to make it more valuable. We also like the fact that it comes with its own value in a winning combination, unlike most Wild symbols. Most importantly, Helios’ Fury has an impressive maximum jackpot and connected ways to achieve it.

What´s the RTP in Helio´s Fury slot?

Helio´s Fury slot has a 96.27% RTP but with a bonus buy it goes up to 97%.

Which game provider released Helio´s Fury?

Relax Gaming is the company behind Helio´s Fury slot.

What´s the volatility in Helio´s fury?

Helio´s Fury is a high volatility slot.