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Hellcatraz Slot Review

Do you miss playing arcade games like Mario Bros or perhaps Donkey Kong? Hellcatraz Slot may not be one of them but it does look like them. Its graphic style is rather cute and attractive despite its odd theme which is based on an island. But if you are familiar with Alcatraz then you’ll notice the huge difference between the real one and the game. Alcatraz prison is a home for prisoners.

You’ll even see the golden gate bridge behind the building. Along with the strange theme are great features that include the Mystery symbols, Super Free Spins, Wilds, and collection of keys. Hellcatraz Slot is designed with a 6 x 6 layout and over 40,000 paylines. Hellcatraz also has two modes that you can enjoy. Depending on your mood, you can go with high mode or very high volatility.

To increase the volatility rate from 96.46 up to 96.88%, don’t forget to hit the Buy Feature. So, read on to know more about this slot.

Min bet:£0.2
Max bet:£20
Max win:£51 840
Release date:May, 2020
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Where to play Hellcatraz slot

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Hellcatraz slot design

Are you wondering about its title, Hellcatraz Slot doesn’t look very “under worldly”. It might sound a little bit scary but the style of the game is actually cuter than other 8-bit games. But what thing is for sure, its theme is inspired by the famous island called Alcatraz. Doesn’t ring a bell? In that case, here’s a quick history: Alcatraz Island is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

Hellcatraz From Relax Gaming

The island opened in 1934 for prisoners but it was also closed in 1963 due to insufficient funds. Still, Alcatraz prison became one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. Hence, seeing Hellcatraz Slot can make you feel nostalgic as if you’re about to play arcade games. Of course, we’re talking about the early 80s and 90s here.

Despite the style, the features are still modern and the game offers valuable symbols like the prison guard and the criminal. For other symbols, there are sharks, badges, handcuffs, and four card suits. You can also find Mystery symbols on the reels. Hellacatraz Slot doesn’t just have a charming graphic design but it is also entertaining. 

Slot features

To try something different, you might want to try this slot game. Some of the features are not surprising. However, the game has something that you may find interesting. Hellcatraz has 6 reels and 6 rows together with these major features:

Lockdown and Mixed Mode

Now, here’s what can make you intrigued, the game has two modes: Lockdown and Mixed Mode. On top of the building, you’ll see “Mixed mode” on its left-corner. If you are in that mode that means the game is in High volatility but, you can switch it to Lockdown mode. In this mode, the volatility of the game will turn Very high. You can say that it is perfect for players who love taking a risk for a great reward.

Wild Symbol

When it comes to the Wilds, it’s pretty easy to spot in the reels in the form of a “W” symbol. It can substitute other symbols and boost your payout as part of a winning combination. 

Mystery Symbol

The Mystery Symbols show up on every spin and have a counter which is reduced by 1 every cascade. The Mystery symbol will only be revealed if the counter reaches zero and all of it will turn into the same symbol. As mentioned above, the game has two modes, the Lockdown and Mixed Mode.

If you choose lockdown, all the Mystery symbols will have the same values, while in Mixed Mode, you‘ll find two independent values (which might be the same.) Players with a long patient will enjoy this game.

Super Free Spin

To trigger the Super Free Spin feature, you must collect 2,000 keys. Collecting such a big amount of keys does require patience but not that complicated. The key will show up on top of regular symbols, randomly. It will bring 1 to 10 keys in a special meter until you get 2,000 keys. But if you are the type of person who doesn’t like waiting then, you can just hit the Buy feature and get any amount of keys that you need.

Betting and prizes

Hellcatraz Slot has up to 46,656 paylines and a high volatility rate. At the same time, it has about 96.46% RTP during the regular game. However, it can still increase to 96.88% if you buy the Bonus feature. When it comes to the bet, it starts with as low as £0.20 up to £20 credits per spin. Hitting winning combinations can give you a reward of 51,840x your stake in a single spin.

High volatility slots like Hellacatraz tend to attract high paying players easily despite the high risk. So, be sure to keep a lot of patience in your pocket while playing Hellacatraz Slot. If you’re not ready to gamble your hard-earned money yet, you can also try its Demo for free.

About Relax Gaming

With the ambition to become the leading technical provider of high-end gaming solutions, Patrik Österåker and Jani Tekoniemi founded Relax Gaming. Since March 2010, Relax Gaming has grown fast as a B2B multi-product provider. The company drives innovative solutions to the iGaming industry by formulating a strategy from technical excellence and passion for simplicity.

To introduce the New Gaming Era, Relax Gaming offers a variety of products from casino games to poker and bingo. Thus, the company continues to expand in different parts of the world to promote hassle-free gaming experience since its founding. Designed for multiple gaming platforms like desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, the company is behind some of the biggest games online.

There’s Mega Masks, TNT Tumble, Zombie Circus, and now Hellcatraz. In fact, Relax Gaming just celebrated 25 Powered in February 2020 by Partners going live. Of course, this is to bring fresh and current providers in the market.

Hellcatraz slot – conclusion

There are a lot of things that you can do with this slot game. It may look a little outdated due to the style but its features are refreshing. Who would have thought that someone will use Alcatraz as a theme of a slot machine and make it look so charming? Its Pixelated graphics are enough to satisfy the taste of gamers. Not to mention those people who grew up playing arcade games since it is capable of creating that nostalgia effect.

With its features like mystery symbol and symbols collection, the game becomes more enjoyable and interesting. But what makes it different from the others is that the players can choose between very high and high volatility. If you’re up for it, why not try to free yourself from stress and try this new slot machine online?