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There are so many casino slots in the online world nowadays that I don´t know if anyone has the total number of them. Every week new games are published. There are dozens of game providers as well. So, why are there so many slots then? Is there a good reason for that?

You might think that what´s the point of creating new games all the time. Do people actually get bored so easily on these games that providers have to create new ones all the time? When you ask someone, which games does he/she play, they usually reply with a few different games and that´s it.

Then, on the other hand, you see some games like Starburst being one of the most popular games in the world for many years in a row. Though this game´s popularity is very much based on the fact that the casinos like to give out their free spins on it. Or have you ever played the game with your own money? I have to admit, I have not.

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The real reason for publishing new games constantly is that basically the big ones cannot expect people to like their favourite games forever, and wouldn´t it be a bit weird if NetEnt or Microgaming stopped publishing new games. If they were quiet for a year, they would start to feel like yesterday´s news, right?

When it comes to small ones, they are desperately trying to make the game that hits big. You never know, when it happens. Though I personally sometimes look at the games and I try to think that what on earth did the publishers think when they set this one free.

Then again, slots are like alcohol – we all have our favourite and you cannot really argue on these things. You either like something or you do not. I personally like slots that look and sound good. I mean, if I am going to keep playing some game even for hours in a row, I at least want it to be good. Perhaps I am too spoiled on this. It really should not matter in this, but, I do drink wine instead of beer too. Some fancy ass I am. So when I try a new game, I look at the design. If it annoys me, I don´t play it again. Unless I won something.

Of course, there are always people who just keep seeking for a new game. A casino sends them an email of a new game and suddenly there are 10 000 players who will try to game. So new games are good business for the casinos and for the publishers.

So, what kind of games do you prefer? What makes a slot so good that want to play it again and again? Is it the RTP, design, developer or what? And do you think there should be fewer games? Going from quantity to quality? I want to know. Contact details are on the contact page. 

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