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Super Cash Drop Gigablox Slot Review

Forget the mic drop, Bang Bang Games and Yggdrasil Gaming dropped the sequel of Super Cash Drop with a Gigablox mechanic! In case you enjoyed the first version, this second version with additional features might catch our interest as well. Unfortunately, its RTP and maximum payout are lower now but its volatility also changed from high to medium-high. Its looks and Gigablox upgrade can give an instant Saturday night feeling, especially once you unleash its “Super” features and glitzy rewards.

Min bet:£0.2
Max bet:£100
Max win:5,833x
Release date:February 14, 2022
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐

Super Cash Drop Gigablox slot design

Money overflows in this slot thanks to its money theme. Stacks of gold coins and banknote bundles fill the vault where the grid is set. It’s a kind of heaven that attracts a lot of people.

Super Cash Drop Gigablox features Card Suits like the Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs as its low-paying symbols. Its mid-paying symbols on the other hand include the Piggy Bank and a Wallet filled with bills. Its high-paying symbols are the Gold Bars and red Dollar Sign while the Wilds feature Banknote bundles. There’s also a Bonus Scatter symbol that can back you up in the bonus round.

Super Cash Drop Gigablox features

The grid of Super Cash Drop Gigablox has 6 reels and 4 to 6 rows. This slot welcomes players with super features that include the Super Stretch Wilds, Super Bonus Spins, and Super Reel Expand. As its title suggests, one of its main features is the Gigablox that you can take a closer look at below.

Gigablox Feature

Gigabox slots are pretty common nowadays and they are popular for a reason. Compared with regular symbols, this feature can create a huge impact in the game using gigantic symbols or reels. For instance, 2 to 6 reels can join forces to create a colossal Gigablox reel on each spin. The maximum size of a Gigablox can increase until it is as big as the current reel height.

Wild and Bonus Symbols

2 types of Wild symbols can land on the reels. Both Wilds appear as Banknote bundles that can substitute for all regular paying symbols and create more winning combos. However, one is a Standard Wild symbol with a green background and frame. Another type is the Locked Wild symbol that has a golden frame and background.

If there are tons of banknotes, there’s also a vault with a golden door as the Bonus symbol. The gold bank vault door Bonus Scatter can land anywhere and award Bonus Spins.

Super Reel Expand

The size of the reels can vary randomly on each spin. Thus, don’t be surprised to see the grid vary like its number of win lines that depend on the current size of the reels:

  • 6×4 reels = 40 pay lines
  • 6×5 reels = 50 pay lines
  • 6×6 reels = 60 pay lines

This means that the bigger it gets, the more win lines are active on the current spin.

Super Stretch Wilds

Super Stacks of Wild symbols can land on each reel of Super Cash Drop Gigablox. As a special symbol, the Wilds can also replace all present symbols on the same reel if one or more Wilds appear. The awesome thing about this Wild symbol is that it can have an attached Multiplier if it becomes part of a winning cluster. The applied Multiplier is equal to the exact number of Wild symbols that landed first.

For instance, the applied Multiplier becomes 2x if 2 Wild symbols landed first as part of a winning combination. The size of the Multiplier can increase up to 6x when the grid grows with 6 reels and a maximum of 6 rows. The Gigablox is counted as a single reel with the number of vertical positions that are covered with Wild symbols. These Wilds count toward the count of Multipliers.

The displayed Multipliers on different reels are added up if they become a part of winning combinations. This means that the total Multiplier you can get can be 4x if reels A and B have 2 Wilds symbols. The more Wild symbols you land on each reel, the bigger Multiplier you can get.

Locked Wild Respins

It is possible to lock Wild symbols in their positions on every spin. This is where the Locked Wild Respins feature enters with the golden Wild symbol.

The Super Stretch Wild feature is triggered whenever one or more Locked Wilds appear. All wins in this round are paid and all Super Stretch Wild reels are locked in their positions. This includes their attached Multipliers and other reels in the Respin. But if one or more of the new Locked Wilds appear in the Respin, the Super Stretch Wild feature is triggered again.

All wins are paid again and another Respin is awarded. This feature continues until Locked Wilds cover all 5 reels or no more Wilds land on the next spin. Moreover, you can win Bonus Spins on the first triggering spin. You can play the Lock and Respin feature with the Bonus Scatter. Also, your bonuses are collected and awarded after completing the feature.

Super Bonus Spins

The Bonus Spins are triggered after landing 5 Bonus Scatter symbols. One extra spin is also awarded for each additional Bonus symbol you land. Thus, Bonus Scatter Gigablox split into singles to be counted as singles in this round. Other features are also affected during the Bonus Spins.

All Super Stretch Wilds are permanently locked and the Respins are awarded in addition to the Bonus Spins as mentioned above. There’s also a greater chance to land Wilds during the Bonus Spins where low-paying symbols are removed from the game area. Furthermore, all spins are played at the maximum size of the grid with 6×6 height.

Super Cash Drop Gigablox RTP, betting and prizes

Super Cash Drop Gigablox is played with 40 to 60 pay lines so there are hundreds of ways to win here. You just need to land 3 to 6 symbols of the same type to create winning combinations with regular-paying and Wild symbols. Each spin costs £0.20 to £50 bet in this medium-high variance game to appeal to a wide range of players.

Its 95.5% RTP which is below the industry’s average standard works with a 22.86% hit frequency. Hitting the jackpot gives 5,833x the stake despite its return ratings. The Card Suits pay 0.1x, 0.2x, 0.5x, to 1x the stake while the medium-paying symbols pay 0.2x, 0.4x, 0.75x, to 1.5x. The Gold Bars and the red Dollar Sign symbols pay 0.2x to 2.5x the stake after landing 3 to 5 matching symbols.

The red Dollar Sign is the highest paying regular symbol but the Wild symbol gives the highest payout on each spin. Creating a winning combination with the Wild symbols pay 0.5x to 5x the stake.


This version has a smaller grid that extends up to 6 rows only unlike the previous release with 8. Thus, there is an additional Gigablox mechanic that gives giant symbols with bigger rewards. Its other features are still similar to the previous release but the RTP reduced from 96.6% to 95.50% even the maximum payout. Regardless, Super Cash Drop Gigablox can suit those who like games with flashy and glamorous looks.

What´s the RTP in Super Cash Drop Gigablox slot?

Super Cash Drop Gigablox RTP is 95.5%, which is slightly on the lower side.

Which game provider released Super Cash Drop Gigablox slot?

Super Cash Drop Gigablox was made by Bang Bang Games and Yggdrasil.

What´s the volatility in Super Cash Drop Gigablox?

Super Cash Drop Gigablox is considered as a high volatility slot.