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We are very lucky at We were able to stop Captain Rizk while he was flying (or was he) for an interview. We are probably the first site ever to catch this famous mascot of a casino. Now if you did not know, that casino is Rizk. A casino which was founded back in 2016.

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Now we must tell you that these views are not views of Rizk casino, but solely views of Captain Rizk himself. We advice you not to take it so seriously. Oh, by the way, if you have any questions, we might be able to forward it to him in the future. Now, we shall let him speak for himself:

Hello Captain Rizk and thank you for this interview. We are happy to have you as our weekly quest. Let’s start.

  • Can you really fly?

Oh, yeah, absolutely. I was very fortunate in the early days to have a great aviation coaching from Fox McCloud and Han Solo, plus we also had aerodynamic drag training from Foghorn Leghorn, which was an essential part of the process. That, plus we play a lot of Angry Birds in the off-season. I’ve got the high score in the group chat. Obvs.

  • Where do you make your clothes? Who is your tailor?

In the experimental periods, we were lucky to have Donatella Versace on board to design the gear. But things got out of hand fast with both cash and concepts. I knew she’d truly lost the plot when she proposed using a genuine triceratops skull as the helmet for the suit. So, yeah, the budget took kind of a hit from that. Long story short, now we just bulk buy from ASOS.

  • How did you become Captain Rizk?

Ah, funny story. In the beginning, I went by Captain Cantaloupe. I loved the old one-armed bandits and I really wanted all my casino cavalcades to be an homage to this wonderful Muskmelon. It was years later before I realized it wasn’t a cantaloupe; it was, in fact, a watermelon. But hey, I took a risk and from there Captain Rizk was born. Problem is, I now have a cantaloupe tattooed on my left a**-cheek. What are you gonna though, eh? Nigel down at the Boat and Horses still has me on it now…

  • What did you do before this job?

Drafted by the Cardinals in 2006. 9th pick of the 5th round, but then I was immediately farmed out to the minor leagues. before I knew it, I was behind slugger Jang Jong-hoon in the pecking order. Barely even made the bench. Seriously, I could´ve gone pro if it weren’t for my bum knee.

  • How does year 2020 look like for Rizk?

Elton John and I have a wager going as to who can wear their weird, glitter, novelty New Year glasses for longest. I mean, I was into it at the time, but now I’ve had time to think about it, it’s kind of unfair. That guy’s been pulling that crap since 1989. I wonder what odds I’d have had on the handicap… Push bet, anyone?

  • What is your favourite game?

Are Pokémon cards still a thing? Well, yeah. Pokémon cards. I still have a shoebox under my bed with a ton of those things in there. I hear there are tournaments in Japan now. Like actual Pokémon card tournaments where you can go and, I dunno, win money I guess. I’ma go and win and then get like hella rich. And buff. And, like, y’know, crazy lean at the same time. THEN Natalie Portman will love me.

…oh, you mean SLOT game. I dunno… maybe, Ivanhoe?

  • What do you do on your free time?

Ohh jeez, where to begin. Well, let’s see. Quidditch, Soap Carving, Beetle Fighting, Duck Herding, Extreme Ironing, News raiding, Ghost Hunting, Collecting Barbies, Tree Shaping and Suing People. The list goes on, but I suppose you get the idea.

  • Can your fans ever meet you anywhere?

Oxford Street HMV on 9th March 2020. Album drops on the 8th. There are some pretty hot collabs on there. Kelly Osbourne absolutely nailed it on ‘Rally ‘dem reels’ and Nelly crushed his parts on ‘shawt stack’. I tried to get Buddy Holly to collaborate on a few tracks, but I think he’s dead.

  • Can you lift cars and buildings?

Depends on the car. Give me a Jeep Renegade and I’ll lift those all day for you. Not Fiat 500s though. Don’t ask me why, they’re just boxy. And massy. Like a hippo, or a whale. As for buildings, I helped build the Taj Mahal. Did most of the heavy lifting on that puppy. I was actually lead architect on the project. The tangential pillars are symbolic of power, flight, prosperity, civic upwardliness, safety in the hands of the unexplainable grandness of the universe. The dome is symbolic of cantaloupes.

  1. Are you related to Superman?


  1. What would you say to our readers?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why there’s no chink in the casino armor of Rizk. Only the best games, payment methods, prizes, Bonuses, Free Spins and more make it past me. Only the best players make it beyond me too! The world of Rizk is a righteous one. Players here know fun without bounds.

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