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The following article is written by our guest writer, Sharon, who has recently started to show some interest towards online gambling.

Gambling is no longer new in our society and that is a fact that is hard to debate. If there is one kind of entertainment that is hard to beat, it is definitely gambling. People have been into gambling for thousands of years already and it started since ancient times. From the ancient Chinese, Romans, Greeks, to other nations, our ancestors paved the way and spread gambling worldwide.

So if you will ask me about its status, I don’t think it will ever be erased anytime soon. Just take a look at the land-based casinos that sprout like mushrooms in different parts of the world. Even as a rookie, I’ve never seen a land-based casino that is deserted regardless of the current state of the economy. Believe it or not, this is noticeable even in third world countries where the percentage of poverty is quite high.

People flock in gambling houses with the hope of doubling their money by trying their luck. Even if they end up having loans, players still take the risk. After all, it is how gamble works. You take a risk and bet regardless of how big or small is your budget for playing. So why do we still do it? Read on to see how I see the gambling industry in different aspects and to get some tips below.

After taking a closer look at the gambling industry, I just discovered something new as a rookie. It’s that there are more ways to gamble than other people think and that’s through online gambling. Believe it or not, there are more online gambling sites now than you could have imagined. If you think that there are too many land-based casinos already in various cities, wait till you discover online casinos.

I would even bet my entire allowance for a month if you can fit them all on a single page. That is if you can. Since I was looking for the most convenient way to gamble, I ended up stumbling on some gambling sites. After a couple of hours doing my research about the website, I decided to take the risk and register. As a rookie, I was lacking in experience but it doesn’t mean that I am clueless about how things work in the industry.

In times like this, pairing my research and experience to make a decision comes in handy all the time. After a couple of poking here and there, bets here and there, things continued to run smoothly. But after playing on other sites and reading customer reviews I can’t say that gambling online is 100% safe. Just like gambling in any physical casino or sportsbook, you have to find the right game and place to put your money.

If you spot a shitty casino with shitty rules and games, then don’t expect to prosper. You will just end up being annoyed and before you ask me, there are lots of things to be annoyed at. Some of the things that you should always check on online gambling sites to avoid this include the following:

  • Accessibility

Let’s face it, some online gambling sites are still limited to desktops only. That’s even though we’re already in the 21st century where mobile users make up a huge percentage of customers. In my own experience, it is better to find a site that offers a seamless transition from various devices.

Whether you are using your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, it is better to sign up in a mobile-friendly casino. This way, you can access the site and be entertained whenever you feel like playing. Even if you’re at home, in the office, or on the road (except when you’re driving) it should accessible. Not unless you have no internet connection then its accessibility should not be an issue.

  • Selection of games

The more games and categories you can choose from the better. Apparently, not all sites offer thousands of games and betting options which can drive you to other gambling sites sometimes. Again, this is where research comes in handy based on my experience. Gambling Bulldog, for instance, is a great source of casinos that offer a wide range of games. If the casino you’re checking out doesn’t offer the kind of games you prefer, don’t waste your time.

There are tons of casinos out there that can keep you entertained for long hours anytime you want. It could be a gambling site that is focused on casino games only, sports betting, or both. If you spot a site that offers games that can be tried for free, grab the opportunity to try them. In my personal experience, this gives me an idea about how the games work especially its features.

  • Organization of games

Some sites don’t even have a well-organized list of games and betting options which can waste your precious time searching for titles. The best sites should be able to offer a huge game portfolio that is divided into different categories. But even though I already memorized the whole title of the games I usually play, searching is still time-consuming sometimes.

Thus, it can make your life easier if the site has a Search Bar. You can simply type the title of the game you want and see it is available or not.

  • Bonus offers

Aside from the games, the bonus offers are the second best things that attract players to any gambling site. However, some sites are just not that generous when it comes to offering bonuses. In some cases, some sites offer lots of tempting offers and free spins. But the disappointing part is encountering capped bonuses and huge wagering requirements. Some are even limited to certain countries and payment methods only which is a bummer.

In my gambling experience as a rookie, these offers are what keeps my energy fueled while playing. Aside from the winnings I earn from playing, I also get additional prizes from taking advantage of bonus offers. You just have to be more sharp-eyed about its details or terms and conditions or else you will be swearing later.

  • Payment methods

Before you can play for real money and withdraw your winnings, you need to make a deposit. So, you need to choose the most convenient payment method that works for you. But in some cases, gambling sites offer a very limited list of payment options only. If you’re lucky, you can stick with the usual payment methods that you’re comfortable using. But if not, you might end up adjusting and sticking with a new payment method for finding a new one.

The trick here is to examine the site well first before signing up for an account. If the casino offers great games and flexible payment methods that favor you, try it. But if you think that you will not be able to get much from it, don’t be afraid to walk out.

Sports betting

Just like slot machines, table games, and other casino games, sports betting is also widely popular in the gambling industry. Whether you’re doing it online or in physical sports books, Sports betting can be really exciting and rewarding. Of course, you have to be good at predicting to make the most of its benefits or else you’ll lose. But then again, losing is part of the game and no professional gambler has experienced success in betting without losing.

When I became a gambling rookie, I learned that winning and losing is just normal. The only difference between keeping it healthy and toxic is the amount of time and money you spend. If sports books want to devour your money, give them a hard time by being a wiser rookie. If you can outsmart them and avoid these mistakes, you might enjoy sports betting more:

  • Betting

No matter how many screens are in front of you with a bunch of numbers and decimal points, don’t be intimidated. Don’t get caught with the teasers and pleasers that surround and keep your head in the game. As a rookie, the best way to remain safe is to stick with a few bets that are easy to understand. Don’t rush and think of how you can get better odds by placing your bet wisely.

If you’re planning to bet on single games, it is usually either on the point spread or money line. You can also place a bet over/under. This is whether the final total score of the game will be more or less of what’s on the board.

  • Wagering

Being a rookie is being open to new things especially to a lot of possibilities and tips from experts. So let’s take these words from a professional, shall we? According to Kornegay, Jay who’s the Vice President of Race and Sports Operations at Westgate SuperBook, focus is vital. Having a short span of attention is the worst quality that a better could ever have and I agree with that.

Kornegay says that this is the most obvious thing that sets rookies apart from professional betters. They tend to have shorter memories and base their wagers on the events last weekend instead of the overall quality of the teams. Most rookies base their decisions on the last game and overlook the teams’ performance on the current game. To be a better rookie, I suggest sticking with a straight-up bet.

  • Avoid Parlays

Another stunt that most rookies do but I wouldn’t recommend is betting parlays. Here, bettors are required to choose the winner of more than the outcome. This includes the winner of the game, the total score, as well as other proposition bets. Believe it or not, parlays only seem very rewarding but in reality, it has a higher hold percentage.

Meaning, the average payout for betting here is less compared with making straight wagers since the odds are against you. Even if you win once or twice, it’s more of luck.

As a handy tip from experts, focus on the teams’ betting number. Use it instead of the teams’ name and be sure to have a sheet or boards to look at. Furthermore, use the number on the left on the team instead of trying to wager on the teams’ names. If you’re planning to visit a physical sportsbook for the first time, it’s always okay to ask questions. Just be mindful of the time when you’re going to throw your questions on the right people.

Based on Kornegay, it is best to ask questions and have the answer you’re looking for during slow periods. This is usually during the middle of the day instead of weekends, especially Sunday morning before the game starts.

My conclusion

Gambling as a rookie is not just about doing something fun by going all out. There are lots of risks and you also need to incorporate some skills and strategy while having fun. As a rookie, it’s best to set boundaries and know these tips as early as possible. These will save you from a lot of headaches and let you enjoy more.