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Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot Review

Would you date to spin the burning reels in the Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot? This slot is the third addition to the Power of Gods series from Wazdan. If you’re interested in the underworld, this is the perfect version among the 3 releases to meet Hades. 

Hades is the main character in Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot so this slot offers a thrilling experience for players. Compared with other games, this slot also has multiple Jackpots and game modes that you can enjoy throughout the gameplay. You can even double your gambling experience thanks to its extra gamble feature which is an exhilarating addition. Lastly, you can choose your preferred volatility level unlike in other slots with fixed volatility.

Min bet:£0.1
Max bet:£100
Max win:5,000x
Release date:September 8, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot slot design

Since Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot is the third slot already from Wazdan’s series, the title may seem familiar already. The first 2 slots in the series are the Power of Gods: The Pantheon, and Power of Gods: Egypt. This time, the game is dedicated to the god of the underworld and who is one of the sons of Zeus. 

Thus, the game has a darker theme compared with the other released versions. Still, you will see the combination of its Gothic design and Greek influence. Looking at the grid, Wazdan designed the temple of Hades is with dark blue marbles and other creepy details. Of course, there are skulls, chains, and other skeletons that are involved in the design to perfectly match its theme. 

When it comes to its symbols, the reels feature a mixture of Royals like J, A, Q, and K as low-paying symbols. Meanwhile, the high-paying symbols include Helmets, Cerberus, Hades, Key, and other related symbols to the theme. 

Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot features

Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot has 5 reels and 3 rows in its game area. Its symbols range between low and high-paying symbols that include the Wild and Scatter symbols. There are also the Hold the Jackpot bonus, Stucky Bonus symbol, Gamble Feature, and of course, the Buy Feature. So, let’s take a closer at its features one by one to see if this Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot is worth it. 

Cascading Reels

One of the first things that we noticed in Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot is its Cascading Reels. This mechanic gives extra winning potential to players since new symbols can always fall into place to replace other symbols. This means that there is always a chance to form a new winning combination as long as there is a new symbol. 

Wild Symbol

There are Wild symbols represented by the god of the dead himself, Hades who can appear during the base game. This special symbol functions as a substitute to all symbols on the reels except for the Bonus symbol or Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol can also appear on all 5 reels throughout the game. Therefore, this basic feature can integrate with other symbols to form winning combinations with matching symbols.

Sticky Bonus Symbol

One of the innovative features of the game is the Sticky Bonus symbol that can stick anywhere on the reels. As mentioned above, the Bonus symbol is also the Scatter symbol which is the key to unlock the bonus feature of Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot. The Bonus or Scatter symbol can become a sticky symbol to help you increase your winning potential. 

Of course, this includes opening the doors to the bonus round for 5 re-spin chances. At the same time, this increases your chance to trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus round. 

Hold the Jackpot Bonus

The Hold the Jackpot Bonus is a major feature of Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot which s triggered by 6 Bonus symbols. This is a re-spin feature that you can discover under different names like Hold & Win from different slot machines. Depending on your luck, the blazing Fire symbols can reward you hot prizes that range from 1x, 10x, 12, and 15x your stake. 

The sizzling Blue Fire symbols can increase the heat more by collecting the values from all fire and Blue Fire symbols. What’s more, the Jackpot symbols can make the “hellish” fires flicker and reward you according to these corresponding jackpots:

  • Mini Jackpot
  • Minor Jackpot
  • Major Jackpot
  • Mystery Symbols

Connected to the feature above, this slot contains Mystery symbols that can add more excitement to the game. These blue Mystery symbols with unique designs inside can transform into Fire, Blue Fire, or even Jackpot symbols. Finally, Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot has the Hades Mystery symbols that guarantee you a Jackpot win! Once this Hades Mystery symbol landed on the reels, these symbols can transform into Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpot symbols.

If you filled all 15 positions with Bonus symbols, you will trigger the Grand jackpot that is worth 3,000x your stake. But that’s not all since you can also hit other winning combinations with the help of this Bonus symbol. Once the Hold the Jackpot Bonus feature is finished, your prizes will be summed up to give your total win. 

Buy Feature

Do you feel lazy to spin and trigger the major features naturally? That is not a problem since this slot got an extra feature to back you up. This Buy Feature helps players to activate the Hold the Jackpot Bonus feature any time they want.

Gamble Feature

If you feel that you are braver enough to push your luck a little further, this slot machine has a solution to that. Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot has the Gamble feature that can help you double your winnings up to 7x in a row. With a bit of luck on your side, you can select the correct gate that will allow you to leave the underworld. So, are you willing to gamble or not?

Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot RTP, betting and prizes

Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot provides 243 ways to win in its small grid. This slot requires a minimum of £0.10 bet on each spin. But to maximize the rewards in this game, you can increase your bet up to £100. With an average RTP of 96.08%, Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot offers a thrilling gaming experience for everyone. 

The maximum jackpot reward that you can win from this game is up to 5,000x your stake. This whopping reward may seem a little disappointing to other slot players but that may change once you choose your volatility. This is an innovative addition to the game that other regular slots don’t offer. Thus, it is quite unusual for slot machines to offer not just one but three modes or levels of volatility. 

The available levels of volatility in the game allow slot players to modify the size and frequency of their winnings. Highly volatile games give bigger winnings but the winning combinations may appear less often. On the contrary, low volatile slots give smaller prizes but the winnings may appear more often throughout the game. So, check out these modes to know the kind of experience you will get:

  • Standard Mode = the winning size and frequency during this mode are more even out 
  • Ultra Fast Mode = this mode boosts the players’ gameplay with a more intense speed. Thus, the reels also spin at lightning speed which is perfect for those who want an energetic gaming experience
  • Big Screen Mode = this last mode allows players to expand the reels’ view to cover the entire screen. At the same time, this allows players to focus more on the thrilling action that happens on the reels on each spin. 

With these zoom modes that you can choose from, players like you can easily adjust how the game should be displayed. But most importantly, this feature helps players to increase their winning potential on each spin based on the current game mode.  

Where to play Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot slot

Take a look at these top-rated casinos if you want to play Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot slot:

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Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot conclusion

Overall, Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot is a good quality slot machine that has a flexible level of volatility. Take note, not all slot machines online offer this kind of volatility which gives this game an edge in the market. Regardless if you are a high roller or a low roller, Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot has something for you. 

We also like that it has a unique lineup of features that are not only interesting but also fun to play. It is not the kind of slot that will give you satisfaction with the help of Bonus Spins and Multipliers. Regardless, it has a flexible math model that you can choose from and a chance to trigger the Grand Jackpot! Even if the volatility level is low, the potential of winning is still good. 

What´s the RTP in Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot slot?

Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot slot RTP is 96.08%.

Which game provider released Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot?

Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot was developed by Wazdan, which comes from Poland.

What´s the volatility in Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot?

In Power of Gods: Hades Hold the Jackpot the player can choose the volatility.