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Actually, we are not playing with the wizard himself, but a slot which has the theme inspired by the Wizard of Oz story. To be honest, we don´t really see the theme much in the slot. Except the symbols are something like it and the wizzard himself is lying on the grass. 

However, despite those negative words, there is something about this game that really hooks you from the beginning. Most likely it has something to do with the Respin feature, where you can actually spin a certain reel again and again. And again. As many times as you wish. You can basically try to build your dream line one by one. Just to tell you, it won´t be any easier to win. Still though, it is a nice addition. 

On top of that, there´s a feature, which allows you to win unlimited free spins! Which means you can win up to 5000 x your steak per spin. That´s pretty amazing. 

Microgaming keeps making these steady games which still manage to conquer its audience. Take a look at our video to make up your own opinion: 

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