What am I gonna do this year?

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Well, firstly, I want to make clear that this post is solely about casino and gambling plans. Sorry, I am not going to open my personal plans for you.

Anyways, I have some plans for this year. I want to visit brick and mortar casinos around the world. So yeah, I am going to travel a lot, as much as I can. That is another thing I am addicted to.

Even though I like online casinos, I also like the feeling in the “original” casinos. Everyone is dressed up and we can all feel like we were James Bonds and princesses for an evening. That is something you cannot get at home unfortunately.

I am planning to visit Las Vegas, USA, actually the first time in my life. Then I am thinking to visit Macao, also the first time in my life. Both of these places are known to be… Well, as they are. I am sure there will be events which I will not share in this blog. Or maybe I will, remains to be seen 😉

Last year was pretty active for new online casinos and this year does not seem to be that active. So my plan is to try every new online casino as well.

Then again these few norms for every year: “I am going to be a better person and much better version of myself. I will also eat more vegetables and drink less beer.

I am actually going to do my first brick&mortar visit somewhere in the UK very soon, so if you recognize me, please feel welcome to say hi. (BTW, it´s not me in the picture)

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