What do I think of Live Casinos?

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Firstly, I want to mention that the following opinions are my own.

Online casinos have come a long way from those misty, dark, weird, odd days. Nowadays games and casinos all look like they are Hollywood production, which is only a good thing.

Gone are the days when the players can only play a few slots with 3×3 set up. Game providers are coming up with very creative ideas, which they have to do because there is a lot of competition. We have slots with a few paylines and we have slots with hundreds of paylines.

One thing is always sure. Humans are social animals and therefore most of us need some kind of interaction with other human beings at least once in a while. That´s why brick and mortar casinos used to be popular. Back in they day they were playgrounds for men. Places where you met other guys, got drunk and possibly even won something.

These days online casinos have live casinos. That means, that instead of playing against a machine, you can play against the dealer. The experience is pretty much like in a real casino, but you can sit at your couch and be naked if you want. You cannot communicate with the dealer either.

The quality of these live casinos these days is superb. The experience is as good as it can get. Next thing can only be a hologram in your living room. For the quality we have, we have to thank Evolution Gaming, which is the leader in live casino games.

So yes, I definitely support live casinos. Though the experience is not the same that you can get with your mates at the club house, it is still very close to it. Sometimes you just feel like being social anti social, if you know what I mean.