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Yes, I know this site is all about the UK, but I have a good reason why I want to point out the situation in Sweden as it is something that might happen in here as well.

So, in case you did not realize yet, I am talking about the gambling situation in Sweden. If you came here to read about Princess Victoria, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Like in the UK, also in Sweden there is a gambling license. It is quite similar than ours. Casinos need to apply for it, it is not very cheap and there are a lot of rules. Now, what I wanted to talk about, is that are the rules going too far over there?

New Swedish gambling rules

In Sweden, if you want to delete your account on one casino, you will delete your account on every single Swedish casino. That means, that you absolutely have no access to anywhere. This is good, especially if you are suffering from gambling problems. You cannot just kill your account in one place and move on gambling to somewhere else. They just have to be careful not to do this by accident.

Also, in Sweden players are allowed to have only one bonus. No more 2nd bonuses, VIP treatments or campaigns. Absolutely nothing. Just games without treats. Just so you know, this is so that the gamblers won´t suddenly become more addicted. It is the same as nuts would be illegal from now on. In the end, who goes to the pub for those delicious nuts, right?

Now here is the 3rd part. Starting this summer, 2019 gamification feature is not allowed, at all. That means, that casinos are not allowed to offer those features, where you can collect points and which you can redeem in their own shop. Gone for good. Just so that the players won´t get more addicted. I mean, who plays more just so they can get some points which they can spend on a T-shirt?

The funniest part is. Swedish people can actually play on casinos that do not have Swedish license. In general we are talking about Curacao casinos.

Now, it is good that there are regulations are precautions. However, this is going towards the situation, where everyone is treated as a potential problem gambler. No more fun for you, Swedes! In the end, this might just end up in a situation where locals play elsewhere, where you can still have fun. I mean, we´ve all heard stories of times when alcohol and gambling were illegal. How did that end up? Smugglers is what we had. Always, when there is an action, there is reaction. Once you treat adults like children, they can actually still walk away with their own feet aka protest.

So, if anyone ever comes to think that the situation in the UK is unfair, tell them about Sweden, where they are not allowed to have an treats. At least in here, the situation is still very healthy and the measurements taken against problematic gambling are wiser. Nobody should ban all the fun from everyone if there are few who cannot handle it.

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