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The reason I am writing this blog text is that the whole industry has a shady reputation and in some ways that same shade is over the people work in it too.  I´m kind of hoping that some people, who are not that familiar with this industry, will read this.

I have been working for casinos. I remember every time I told about it to someone, their first reaction was anger. Like I was some kind of war god or something really, really bad. For me, it felt really hard to defend myself cause I did not consider myself doing something that was related to human destruction.

I´ll admit it. At first, when I entered the industry myself, I had very similar thoughts. Quite soon I realised that with or without me people will still play. People have gambled since walking on two feet and will gamble after the internet is just a memory in history books. Me taking part in it, cannot do any harm unless I decide to harm. That would lead to someone showing me the door quite quickly.

To be honest I started to think, that since I am doing this, I can do something good. Since people are going to gamble, the best thing I can do is to forward them somewhere where they won´t be cheated and the terms are fair. You probably can guess that some casinos did not like my attitude. Well, I did not like them either. Yes, there are many casinos that are in the industry for just quick money but it is not the people who work for these casinos. It is the people who own these casinos. They are the ones who control what happens in their casinos. Yes, these people can be quite bad. They see their workers as nothing but people who are supposed to bring them quick cash with low pay.

I used to work for those people too, but I left them behind.

I have also been lucky to be able to work for casinos who take their business seriously. They understand that quick money does not exist, they do their best that the customer will return and they treat their workers fairly. They run their business like any other business in any other industry where you want to succeed.

The thing is, even if there are shady casinos, there are shady businesses in any other industry. It is not like bad business people will only put up a casino.

But, let´s get back to the topic. I have met a lot of people who work for a casino. From many countries, people with families, singles, young and old. People from very different backgrounds. One thing has been in common. They are all just ordinary people who need a job.

I have never met a person who works for a casino and is literally evil. A person who would laugh when people lose or more like, see this as his/her main goal. To make people lose and feel good about it.

Quite fairly, in my opinion, I am actually surprised how normal people in this industry are.

By the way. The premises where these people work are actually full of light, games, activities and life. Not holes of darkness where all the darkness gathers together to plat plans to create something evil tonight.

People who work for casinos are people like you.