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I have realized, that I have made quite a many posts, but never really told you that who am I? I asked myself the question, that why have I done so and the answer is that, I think this industry is a bit shady and I do not want to reveal myself.

That is a bit funny. At the same, I want this industry to see the daylight and the people in it to be treated like anyone else. Luckily, we are actually already seeing when it comes to big casinos and their C-level workers. Their CEOs talking about their businesses in respectful magazines and so on. That is a very good step.

But how about us? The people who gamble or blog about gambling? Unless you play poker, you are seen as something else, not a cool guy etc. In the end, how does that differ from poker? In the end, it is all about wanting to win money and at the same time, it all depends on the luck. Though, I can admit that in poker you might be able to fool your competitors, which will not end well for you if you even try that in a casino.

So, back to the topic.

I am a man, in my 30´s, born in one of the Nordic countries and lived a quite normal life in childhood. Though, when I was 10, I was collecting bottles, which I was able to exchange that to local currency and that money I spent on slot machines. Now that I think of it, sounds weird. These days, slot machines are forbidden for anyone under 18 years old. Sometimes I think, if that was the law then, would I be doing this now?

So, in my 20´s I ended up working for casinos and quite quickly developed a good career at that side of the fence. I was interested in that and wanted to learn new things. I still felt that something was not right and after learning about the other side of the fence, I wanted to jump there.

I was lucky to meet some people who made my dream come true and here I am, writing a blog at gamblingbulldog.com as well as recording the https://gamblingbulldog.com/casino-videos/casino videos, which are also published on the site.

Honestly, I am very happy to do what I am doing now. It is not an easy job but quite the opposite. What I would hope, is to have more chats with you, the readers. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know. Just one thing I am asking, please do not send anything irrelevant, to those I won´t answer. You can post your comments under these blog posts or to my videos on Youtube or send an email through the contact page.

I would also be interested in publishing “I am a gambler” stories, which of course can be anonymous. If you want to tell me your story, please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.