Why are the casino bonus terms sometimes so bad?

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I think we have all been there – especially in the past years. We have just found an interesting casino, but then we realize that the terms of the casino or terrible and we just leave the place. Or in the worst case, you maybe made your first deposit and then won £16K but were only able to withdraw £250 because that was the max allowed win from this bonus.

Then you probably think, why on earth is this skunk even allowed to exist? Aren´t these terms illegal? You probably think that you´ve just been a victim of a fraud.

But the most annoying part is, that all of that is completely illegal, if the casino wrote about it in their terms. In the past they were able to hide such information somewhere in an online cage and throw the key to the ocean.

Luckily they cannot do that anymore, as especially in the UK all the brands are forced to show the bonus terms in their banners. Thank god for that.

Still, seeing these terms on the banner will not make it look like a place where you want to throw your money. Instead you think “Do they think I am stupid?

With bad terms I am talking about such terms, where the wagering requirement is extremely high and the bonus have capped winnings. Or terms which say that nobody is allowed to withdraw more than £500 a month. Now where is the fairness in these?

Indeed such terms are not very fair for the players. By setting something like that up, casinos literally tell us that “you can´t win here. Well, if you did, we won´t let you withdraw.

Why do these bad casino bonus terms exist?

There is not a simple answer, because there are real people behind the casinos, but the simple fact is, that casinos are built to make money. Not for the players, but for the owners. Nobody puts up a casino just because they do some charity.

That still does not mean that in order to make money, the terms would have to be so bad, that they don´t even let the players win. The game can still be fair.

Some casinos just make the game too easy for themselves with such terms. They do not want the game to be fair, they just want to make money. Therefore, it is very difficult to support such brands and literally I can´t recommend anything else but move on if you see a casino with horrible bonus terms.