Will you lose your winnings if internet connection is lost while playing?

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Turns out this was the longest headline ever. However, the issue is serious and I know there are many who are thinking this. Especially if it has happened to you. You were playing and then it happened. Your internet connection was lost. The worst part is that you had some winnings on your account. Specifically, inside that game, that you were playing. What should you do next?

First things first. Do not panic.

Most probably you are in panic now, but I can assure you, there is no reason for that.

Use your mobile phone

What you need to do now, if possible, go to your gaming account via phone. If you were playing on your desktop or laptop and these devices connect internet via modem, that means that your phone has a separate internet connection. At least in most cases it is so. So, go to your account and check that all your winnings are now on your account. They should be.

If it has happened so, that you do not see your money on your account, contact their support and tell about your situation. Their system has kept track of everything that has happened on your account. Based on that, this is how your money goes to your account immediately after you lose your internet connection. Their system recognices the lost of connection and it has been taught to act.

If in any case you are not able to get online with your phone, you have two option. You have to be patient or you have to go somewhere else to use their internet. Once you get yourself online, do as I told you to do before.